Spelunky 2: World 4 Temple of Anubis (Enemies, Traps & Challenge)

The alternate world 4, similar to Spelunky HD’s final world, is arguably more difficult than world 5 and 6, as the enemies appear clumped, shoot fast-moving projectiles. The traps are pretty brutal as well.

4b-1: Anubis

Sleeping when you arrive, Anubis awakens when you are close to shoot devastating rings your direction. If you take him down, he drops the Scepter. If combined with the Hedjet (Black Market), the Scepter will allow entry into the Lost City of Gold on 4b-2.

Secret 4b-3: Lost City of Gold

Find golden door in 4-2 and use Anubis’s Scepter from 4b-1 with Hedjet to enter. There is indeed a lot of gold in this secret area, but the biggest attraction is the altar on which one with the Ankh can sacrifice themself, gaining entry to Duat.

Secret 4b-4: Duat

Accessible through golden door in Lost City of Gold if you sacrificed yourself on the altar. Defeat Osiris and obtain the Tablet of Destiny.

The Star Challenge

Somewhere in 4a and 4b the mysterious Tun appears for another challenge, this time costing $25,000. This time your goal is to light all the torches in the room in a short time, a difficult task if you lack the jetpack. Successfully completing this challenge in the Temple of Anubis awards you an elixir that cures poison and curses. Besides dying and reviving with the ankh, this is the only way I know of to cure a curse.

Return of Horseling

If you released Van Horseling in Volcana, he will appear in through a small door in Temple of Anubis (4b-1). He will reward you with an Alien Compass provided you find him.


  • Crocman: Erratically moving and teleporting crocodiles that’ll take a bite out of you.
  • Cobra: A reddish snake that moves similarly to the classic green snake, but spits poison in front of it.
  • Mummy: A hulking monstrosity that shoots fast-moving locusts in front of it.
  • Sorceress: Head-ache inducing women who float and send projectiles at you. If the projectiles don’t strike you, they turn into enemies like bees and bats.
  • Cat Mummy: When these quick-moving felines hit you, you’ll be cursed to having 1 HP.
  • Anubis: Unique enemy on 4b-1 who drops the scepter required to get into The Lost City of Gold. Watch out for the purple rings his scepter emits.


  • Crush Trap: A crush trap is a 1×1 stone that slams into the nearest wall when you pass by, whether up, down, left or right. Move quickly when you get in front of one of them or it’ll splatter you up against a wall.
  • Giant Crush Trap: Same as the crush trap, but larger.

Written by: Hillsider


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