Spelunky 2: World 1 Dwelling Guide (Enemies, Traps & Mounts)

This guide is all about the enemies, traps & mounts which you will come across in Spelunky 2 “World 1: Dwelling”.

1-1 will never have a shop or any other special attributes.

1-2 and 1-3 will feature one stage with Yang’s lost turkeys and one stage with the Golden key and Eye of Udjat. These will never appear on the same stage.

The Eye of Udjat

In either 1-2/1-3, a golden key spawns as well as a 4×7 building. Bring the key into the room and there will be a chest at the top that you can unlock.

The Eye of Udjat allows you to see gems and items in the ground and also unlocks secret areas in either world 2.

Lost Turkeys

In either 1-2 or 1-3, there will be at least two stray Cave Turkeys that Yang is looking for. Jump on their backs to tame and then bring them back to Yang’s pin for access to his treasure.

His treasure is usually not great, especially considering you have to give up two turkeys, but returning them will assure you Yang’s pet shop will spawn on 2-1.

This pet shop usually has 2-3 turkeys. Be careful not to hurt turkeys within range of Yang, as he will avenge them (think shopkeeper defending his shop).

The Quillback

1-4 is always a specific layout. Shops and altars do not spawn on this stage, rather there is always a mini-boss about halfway down. If you get in front of him, he does a rolling attack that will clear out blocks to either side. Have him clear blocks to one side, then lure him to the opposite side.

On either side of the clearing, there is a tunnel that takes you below. To the left, you will always see butterflies next to the exit. This is the entrance to the Jungle (World 2a). On the right side there will always be snails around the exit. This is world 2b, Volcana. Since they always appear on the same sides, keep in mind which way you want to go when dealing with the boss, and make sure you go that way.

In the bottom middle, in between the exits, there will always be a coffin containing a hired hand. You might have to use bombs to get to it. The door in the middle of the bottom is inaccessible, as it’s the door you will come out of when using the shortcut to 1-4.


  • Snake: Moves from side to side slowly, doesn’t hop ledges.
  • Bat: Hangs on ceiling until triggered by vicinity. Flies toward you slowly. I suggest positioning such that bats are approaching you from the front, not from above. If they are in front you can fairly easily dispense of them with your whip.
  • Spider: Hangs on ceiling until triggered by being under it. It then falls and starts hopping rhythmically. Learn the timing of the jumps and to throw stuff when you can and spiders will rarely be a threat.
  • Skeleton: Skeletons animate when you step close to some skulls on the ground. I suggest jumping on all skulls so that one doesn’t pop up and surprise you, knicking a health in the process. Skeletons also appear from busting the bone piles around this world, and if you’re lucky, these piles might contain a skeleton key.
  • Horned Lizard: Horned lizards are yellow and as big as you are. Be careful, as getting in front of them causes them to curl into a ball and roll at you Sonic-style. When they are in a ball, it can’t be jumped on for damage, so either just avoid or throw something. You can jump on or whip them when they are not in a ball and it will do 1 damage and incapacitate it for a moment, however they don’t seem to stay down as long as other enemies. They have 3 HP and leave no corpse when dead.
  • Cave Mole: Cave Moles are perhaps the most frustrating things in Dwelling. They dig through the ground and emerge only to attack you. They are very quick and chase off ledges. If you get away, it will dig back underground and re-emerge after a few seconds if you get in range. They have 3 HP.
  • Caveman: Awake, the Caveman triggers if you get in front of them, they run at you and chase off cliffs, but don’t have the element of surprise that the mole does. They have three HP.
  • Quillback: The mini-boss in 1-4. If you get in front of him he rolls, right through blocks and all. If you get hit by the roll attack, you will be killed. If you get above him he will do a high jump but not roll. Killing him is not usually advisable, but if you have a shotgun or paste, you can eliminate him for a heart and a bomb bag. Before killing him make sure you have enough cleared out to progress in the level.


  • Spikes: White, fang-like rows of Spikes appear in the bottom of some pits. Approaching them from the top while midair will kill you or other enemies, but if you approach from the side or climb down with a rope you can walk through them.
  • Arrow Trap: Incredibly annoying dragon-headed blocks that shoot an arrow in front of it when something goes in front. Be sure to either trigger or destroy traps before passing in front of them. You can trigger with nearly any item, including a rope or bomb in a pinch. Carry rocks and other things as often as possible to trigger them. If you have a body, dead or alive in your hand, it absorbs the blow.
  • Bear Trap: 2×1 tikis that have big blunt weapons shoot out one block to the side when something is on its side. Learn the rhythm and it shouldn’t be a problem.
  • Log Trap: Big logs that appear with a golden idol below. Taking the idol causes the log trap to fall and crush whats underneath. Be careful to make escape easy if you choose to go for the Relic. Also check below it for anything the log trap might destroy.


Cave Turkey: Turkeys don’t attack you as other mounts do. You can ride for a short period to charm them, and use them as a mount, return two to Yang if he’s in the level, or blow them up or set on fire to cook (cooked turkey gives an HP). The mount has several HP it can absorb, and can be cooked after use. Turkeys can double jump and glide (think the cape) and the attack button causes it to peck.

Written by: Hillsider


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