Spelunky 2: Playable Characters & Unlock

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Playable Characters

  • Ana Spelunky: Starting character
  • Margaret Tunnel: Starting character
  • Colin Northward: Starting character
  • Roffy D. Sloth: Starting character
  • Alto Singh: Unlocked in 1-4
  • Liz Mutton: Unlocked in 2a-1
  • Nekka the Eagle: Unlocked in Black Market (world 2 Jungle)
  • LISE Project: Unlocked in 2b-1
  • Coco Von Diamonds: Unlocked in Vlad’s Castle (world 2 Volcana)
  • Manfred Tunnel: Unlocked in Ankh Chamber (3-1)
  • Little Jay: Unlocked in 4a-1
  • Tina Flan: Unlocked in Abzu (secret 4a-4)
  • Valerie Crump: Unlocked in 4b-1
  • Au: Unlocked in the City of Gold (4b-3)
  • Demi Von Diamonds: Unlocked in 5-1, Yeti Cave
  • Pilot: Unlockable in 5-1, Mothership
  • Princess Airyn: Unlockable in Neo Babylon (world 6)
  • Dirk Yamaoka: Unlockable in the Sunken City
  • Guy Spelunky: Beat the game
  • Classic Spelunky: Beat the game the hard way

Unlocking 16 of 20 of the playable characters enables you to unlock seeded runs in the base camp.

Written by: Hillsider


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