Fall Guys: How To Always Qualify (Mostly 1st Place) in Whirlygig?

This is the way I always use to play Whirlygig stage with 100% qualification rate — mostly in 1st place.

Step by Step

1. Stay at the area where the first spinning bar will hit you and give you boost.
2. Jump and Dive at the end of the speedway.
3. Avoid the blade. It is slow and its gap is large. Be patient.
4. Walk through the gap between turbines.
5. Avoid the blade. It is possible to jump at the end of the speedway to get a better jump distance.
6. Stay close to the left side of the speedway. Jump and Dive into the left corner of the path. If you are lucky the blade will not hit you, otherwise the blade will just scratch your back and only push you to the right a little bit. This will still allow you to go though the fast turbine, which is the biggest problem in this stage.
7. Go to the point where the spinning bar will hit you and throw you into the path of victory. Note that you will have to wait for the area where you will fly into to be clear from the blades first.

Written by: holydragon

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