Dorfromantik: Quests, Rewards, Tile Placement

Below is a beginners guide I would have loved to know, when starting the game Dorfromantik.

How to get new tiles?

1. Fulfill quests – each fulfilled quest (including closing flags) will grant you 5 additional tiles. *

2. Do perfect tile placements – this will grant you 1 tile.

This means if you want to stay in the game you either close a quest every 5 turns or do only perfect placements.
Both is impossible to achieve with the random tile generation in conjunction with the railroad/river tiles, which can hardly be used in your regular quest closing.

* To be perfectly exact: you get 5 tiles, but the one you placed is used and therefore the counter only raises by 4 as the tile you used is subtracted before getting the 5 tiles. (credits to Chaney for pointing this out)

How do I score?

1. Close a quest – 100 points
2. Close a flag – 50 points
3. Place tiles fitting to each other – 10 points per fitting side.
4. Score a perfect tile placement (all 6 sides fit) – 60 points extra – Exception: Lakes fit everywhere, but are only counted as perfect if you have water on all sides.
Attention: If you place a perfect fit, which is already surrounded by six placed tiles – you score only once 60 points – if you add a tile and therefore close a perfect fit – you score twice: 60 points for the perfect fit (in addition to the previous scored points for this tile).

Types of quests:

1. Number+ quests are easy to accomplish as long as you expand your area.

2. Number quests require the exact number of items in an area.

3. Number*Triangle quests require you to close the area after you reached the number. This grants you actually 8 tiles – as consecutive solving is required.

4. Flag quests ask you to close that area. This means you need to prevent further extension of this area by placing tiles which close the area. Tiles do not have to fit to close an area.

5. Crown Number+ quests – you need to build to the white spots outside of the your current map to start these quests. They are harder to achieve, but will add you a new type of tile for all future games (beside granting 5 tiles/100 points). The closer you come you will see a shadow preview, which might give you a hint what quest is behind, use this to prepare the quest already on last tiles towards it.

New quests will spawn automatically, when you are low on quests. There are no penalities for missed quests.

Therefore quests you dont want to do, should be closed as soon as possible by placing the tile in a way, that the quests turns red.
So in an ideal situation you close the quest and work on another quest.

The requested quest amount seems to be always above your biggest open area, but related to your overall map size.

Therefore closing an area, might reduce the requested number of trees/buildings/fields, but new quests are still harder to fulfill as in the early game.

Hints: If you point your mouse over the quest marker/flag the game will indicate the not yet closed tiles for your area.


1. You can only fulfill the three Rewards displayed in the top right corner in your current sessions. All other achievements will be ignored.
2. Each reward will grant a new tile.
3. The tutorial Reward grants you a Water-Railstation, which can be used to cross water and railroad lines. Its a Joker tile – use it wisely!

Railroads and Rivers:

1. Build railroads and river tiles away from you mainland. Because they
– severely restrict your placement options
– have only limited placement options
2. quests are simple to accomplish – just extend your one and only network
3. Kill all non railroad/river connected quests on railroad/river tiles immediately.
They are much harder to solve and are not worth our effort.

Things you want to consider:

1. Do not ignore closing flags – each gives you 4 tiles! Therefore keep all your areas easily closable – optimum 2-3 open sides only.
2. You do not need to fulfill every quest – fail quests you dont like.
3. If your area is already too big for an exact number quest – try the following:
– place this quest tile near your big area, close it and then connect to your big area
4. Keep the number of quests as low as possible – only then new quests spawn.
5. Prioritize “Rewards” and quests with crowns – these will grant you new tiles and more starting tiles.
6. For certain rewards you need to change your regular playing style – do this in a specific session.
7. Be realistic what you can achieve with your remaining tiles! Sometimes its better to close an area for additional tiles than to fulfill the number quest in the same area! Closing is simpler than getting enough houses/trees/fields!
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Written by: HolleBill


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