Warframe Volt Build 2024 Guide

Volt is one of the starting Warframes that new players may choose from who was released on October 25. This Warframe is considered as the speediest of them all, regardless of the fact that other Warframes may reach the same speed or higher.

This Warframe blazes the field with a trail of electricity, electrocutes enemies with a sleight of hand and may even channel shields out of pure electricity. Volt uses his pure electricity for most of his actions and is even capable of discharging so much of it that he can kill or disable a whole area full of enemies.

How to Acquire Volt?

Volt Acquisition

The blueprints for crafting Volt and his components may be researched in the Tenno Lab which may be found in the clan dojo. The blueprint for Volt itself will cost 35,000 Credits to replicate while the other components will cost 15,000 Credits. The blueprints must be researched first before being replicated.

Volt Prime Acquisition

In order to craft Volt Prime, the following are needed:

Volt Prime Blueprint

  • Drops from: Neo O1, Lith O2, Neo V1, Axi N3

Volt Prime Neuroptics

  • Drops from: Axi V8, Neo V8, Axi V1

Volt Prime Chassis

  • Drops from: Axi V8, Meso O3, Meso V2, Meso V3

Volt Prime Systems

  • Drops from: Neo O1, Lith V1, Axi L4
Detailed Guide About: How To Get Volt


Volt Stats


Rank 0

Rank 30


Max Shield150


Max Energy

Max Armor


Sprint Speed

Aura Polarity



Naramon, Madurai

Volt Prime Stats

Volt Prime

Rank 0

Rank 30


Max Shield100


Max Energy

Max Armor


Sprint Speed

Aura Polarity



Naramon, Madurai 2x

Volt Abilities

Passive Ability

Volt builds up static energy while he travels across the land, gaining 5 points of electricity per meter that is travelled. This passive can stack up to 1,000 bonus damage which will be discharged on the first attack, be it melee, ranged or ability.

1) Shock

Volt sends out an electrical arc, dealing 75/100/125/200 electricity damage and stunning the enemy that is hit. This ability can chain 2/3/4/5 times to enemies 7/10/12/15 meters away and has a 100% status chance to occur against all enemies.

The Shock Trooper augment allows Shock to be held, granting allies within 15 meters an increased 100% electricity damage for 40 seconds.

Costs 25 energy.

  • Shock can be cast on priority targets to temporarily stun them, providing an opportunity to attack.
  • Casting Shock on enemies affected by Discharge will cause an electrical burst to be released.

2) Speed

Volt boosts the speed of his allies and himself by 10%/15%/25%/50% (movement and attack speed) while increasing reload speed by 8%/13%/15%/17% for 5/6/8/10 seconds in a 15/20/22/25 meters.

The Shocking Speed augment causes enemies that come into contact with Warframes under the effect of Speed to take 175 electrical damage along with a status effect.

Costs 25 energy.

  • The bonus movement speed from Speed allows Volt to quickly charge up his passive.
  • Allies may cancel the effects of Speed by performing a backflip.

3) Electric Shield

Volt creates a barrier of energy in front of him that lasts 10/15/20/25 seconds which blocks projectiles from the front. Projectiles fired through the shield will have an increase of 50% electricity per shield along with a 200% critical multiplier.

The Transistor Shield augment allows allies to pick up Volt’s Electrical Shield. Additionally, 300% of damage that is absorbed by the shield is added to Volt’s Static Discharge.

Costs 50 energy.

  • The critical damage of weapons fired is increased if shot through electrical shields.
  • Damage of projectiles fired through the electrical shield will stack with each shield.
  • Up to 6 shields may be cast, allowing multiple angles to be covered.
  • Volt’s electrical shield may be picked up and may be used to knock back enemies when sprinting towards them.
  • Elements may combine with the electricity bonus granted by the shields.
  • Casting Shock on an Electric Shield will electrify it, causing it to deal electricity damage to enemies that pass through it.

4) Discharge

Volt unleashes a ring of electricity that paralyzes enemies that it comes in contact with. The range of the ring expands up to 12/15/18/20 meters while enemies that are affected or within the range of the ability will be turned into arc coils that have a range of 4/4/6/8 meters where they damage enemies for 250/375/500/600 damage per tick over 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Discharge can be modified with the Capacitance augment, causing 3% of the damage dealt to be converted into shields that are split between Volt and his allies.

Costs 100 energy.

  • Casting Shock and Discharge together can cause the electricity status effect to chain from enemy to enemy.

Volt Builds

1) Basic Build (All Skills Build)

This build allows Volt to use all of his abilities at a generous level. While mainly focusing on increasing strength to fortify Volt’s speed boosts as well as the damage from his abilities, this build has become very stable and can be used in almost all missions.

Volt’s ability strength has been moved up to 299% while also having stable numbers for his other ability stats. Allies will greatly benefit from the boost of speed as well as having Volt with them to use his abilities to cause damage to enemies.

2) Spam Build (Low Ability Cost Build)

While this build does not provide the highest amount of damage or the fastest amount of speed, Volt may take advantage of these states in order to spam abilities depending on when they are needed. This build is great for taking out weaker enemies or for causing electricity status effects.

The speed boosts will not be as fast as other builds but the increase is still substantial. The ability to repeatedly cast abilities makes sure that Volt can travel a further distance by maintaining speed, rather than sticking to a high amount of speed with less chances to cast the ability.

Terralyst hunting is made easier with this build as Volt can easily stack several shields within seconds at a low energy cost. This is useful in the Plains of Eidolon, mostly the boss hunts.

3) Shock Trooper Build (Damage Support Build)

While this build does take its toll on its efficiency, the higher energy consumption is compensated by the high ability strength. Abilities will deal very large amounts of damage and this is likely to easily clear out groups of enemies within seconds.

Looking beyond the high ability strength, we have added Shock Trooper which allows us to buff Volt and his allies with bonus electricity damage. The bonus damage is based on ability strength and with this build we have brought it up to 323% which means this is also how much additional electricity damage is gained.

This build goes well not only for solo play, it also does good when used in a squad as all your allies will be able to benefit from the 323% increase electricity damage. This bonus along with the damage from Volt’s abilities greatly increases the amount of damage that can be done to enemies.

4) Shocking Speed Build (Movement Damage Build)

The Shocking Speed build focuses on allowing Volt to easily clear enemies as he dashes through the battlefield. The Speed ability is bolstered by the 299% increased ability strength but we lack in range to preserve the other stats in the build.

Shocking Speed causes enemies to be damaged when Volt or allies that have been affected by the buff as well as suffer from status effects. This build can be used to easily clear out missions by not just dealing damage as Volt or his allies pass, but also because of the speed at which you can move.

Capture missions and exterminate missions can be done easily with this build, especially low-level missions. The high ability strength also allows Volt to cast his other abilities to deal more damage when necessary.

5) Transistor Shield Build (Discharge Boost Build)

The Transistor Shield Build is meant to utilize the damage that can be accumulated by using Electric Shields to absorb damage. With the Transistor Shield augment, this damage is converted to bonus damage which is released when casting discharge.

A total of 716% bonus damage may be accumulated based on the 239% ability strength and with the increase in range, Discharge can cover a large area, making it easy to clear out large groups of enemies within a small amount of time.

Besides the build’s ability to deal a large amount of damage, range alone can make sure that you can paralyze enemies from afar and it ensures you have stable stats to cast Energy Shield when you need it.

6) Capacitance Build (Shield Replenish Build)

The Capacitance Build is good for providing all of your allies with shields and with a build that has 160% ability efficiency, you can most likely spam your skills. This build has been created to have 235% ability range to increase the reach of Discharge, allowing you to hit multiple enemies further away from you and your allies.

With an increased ability range of 235%, Discharge will reach 47 meters and will affect several enemies in a range of 18 meters per target. The ability strength may appear to be low but with the range, it is easy to cover multiple enemies. Modifications can be done to the build to increase ability strength at the cost of range.

This build acts more of a supportive one as the range also allows Volt to deal crowd control in a larger area as well as replenish his shields and that of his allies.

Final Thoughts

Volt is one of the most popular Warframes due to his speed and abilities to shock his enemies. His speed has made him a favorite choice when doing speed runs while his other abilities may be used for offense when clearing out enemies. Volt is also one of the popular Teralyst hunting Warframes due to his ability to stack up damage with his Electric Shield ability.

Whether you are focusing on melee or ranged weapons, the shields that Volt can conjure allow you to add a good amount of electrical damage and even cause them to deal critical damage. Skills, bullets and even operator projectiles may gain bonus damage from the shields while weapons benefit as melee weapons gain more attack speed while ranged weapons reload faster.

There are many overlooked uses for Volt as most players see him as a speedy frame used for completing captures or exterminates but the truth is, Volt is capable of much more in terms of damage per second. Whether it’s the damage done by his offensive electrical abilities or the accumulated destruction from his speedy attacks, Volt is definitely one of the Warframes that enemies stand no chance against.


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