Warframe Loki Build 2024 Guide

When it comes to stealth, Loki is one of the first Warframes that pops up into people’s minds but not only he is adept at staying hidden and fighting from the shadows, his name fits his reputation. Loki is indeed just as his name derives him to be, a trickster in true form.

Being able to hide from plain sight, confuse enemies to attacking decoys, swapping enemies to wherever he wants and even disrupting the ability of enemies to fight. This trickster has been causing mischief and mayhem since October 25, 2012.

How to Acquire Loki?

Loki Acquisition

Loki’s main blueprint may be purchased from the market located on your orbiter for 35,000 Credits. His parts may be acquired by defeating the Hyaena Pack in the Psamanthe assassination mission which can be found on Neptune.

Loki Prime Acquisition

In order to craft Loki Prime, the following are needed:

Loki Prime Blueprint

  • Drops from: Meso F3, Neo V8, Axi S2

Loki Prime Neuroptics

  • Drops from: Meso O3, Neo E1

Loki Prime Chassis

  • Drops from: Lith G2, Lith O2

Loki Prime Systems

  • Drops from: Axi L1, Axi L4


Loki Stats


Rank 0

Rank 30


Max Shield75


Max Energy

Max Armor


Sprint Speed

Aura Polarity



Vazurin, Madurai

Loki Prime Stats

Loki Prime

Rank 0

Rank 30


Max Shield75


Max Energy

Max Armor


Sprint Speed

Aura Polarity



Vazarin 2x, Madurai, Naramon

Loki Abilities

Passive Ability

Being a Warframe that is adept at stealth, Loki can latch on to walls 10 times longer than other Warframes.

1) Decoy

Loki creates a holographic Decoy that stays in place and draws the attention of enemies. The decoy will draw enemy fire for a duration of 7/15/20/25 seconds.

The Savior Decoy augment may be used to alter the ability so that Loki will swap places with the Decoy when he takes fatal damage. This also provides a 20%/25%/35%/50% Decoy casting speed.

Costs 25 energy.

  • You can reposition yourself by casting Decoy followed by casting Switch Teleport in order to get to hard to reach places or to escape fatal events.
  • Using Decoy before casting invisibility allows Loki to escape a lot of fire while he is invisible, making it safer to sneak past enemies.
  • Casting Decoy behind cover or in a hard to reach area may protect it while it is being targeted by your enemies.

2) Invisibility

Loki becomes invisible to enemies, being able to sneak past them or damage them without giving his location. The duration of the invisibility lasts for 5/7/9/12 seconds.

The Hushed Invisibility augment provides 50%/65%/80%/100% weapon noise reduction to weapons that Loki fires.

Costs 50 energy.

  • Casting Invisibility before reviving allies, hacking and such will allow you to do these actions while under the safety of not being seen.
  • When using Invisibility, be sure to stay clear of any crossfire, since you can still get hit by projectiles and other attacks.

3) Switch Teleport

Using this ability allows Loki to instantly swap places with a target, be it friend or foe at a range of 25/40/60/75 meters away from his current location. Enemies will be confused for a short period of time.

This ability may be modified with the Safeguard Switch augment, causing allies that have been targeted by the ability to become invulnerable for 3/4/5/6 seconds.

Costs 25 energy.

  • Switch Teleport can be used on friendly characters such as rescue targets, escort drones and even your downed allies, allowing you to reposition them to your advantage.
  • Using Switch Teleport can cause an enemy to be confused, allowing you to get free hits or deal a special attack to them.
  • Using Switch Teleport on enemies such as Dargyn Pilots in the Plains of Eidolon allows you to steal their vehicle.

4) Radial Disarm

Loki releases a ring of energy that spreads out, stunning enemies and permanently disarming them within a radius of 10/13/17/20 meters, while also inflicting 200/200/350/500 impact damage on those who are affected.

The usage of the Irradiating Disarm augment causes enemies to be inflicted with radiation for 4/5/7/9 seconds, causing them to attack their allies.

Costs 100 energy.

  • Using Irradiating Disarm causes enemies to become confused and attack their allies as a bonus effect to Radial Disarm.
  • Infested enemies will be knocked down due to Radial Disarm.

Loki Builds

1) Basic Build (All Skills Build)

This is a basic build for Loki, meant to allow him to use all of his skill with all of them having bonus stats for better effects. Loki will be able to use his Decoy ability at a cheaper energy cost, his invisibility to cost less and last longer, his Switch Teleport to have a good distance and lower cost while his Radiating Disarm will deal more damage and disable enemies at a larger radius.

The stats for this build are pretty much in the safe zone which allows you to cast all of them with no negative effects. While there is no main focus of this build, Loki can freely use all of his ability and last quite well in missions.

2) Stealth Build (Invisibility Build)

This build focuses mainly on Loki’s ability to use Invisibility, but other abilities may have boosts as well. With his ability duration raised to 306%, most of the abilities are prolonged to the best amounts of duration as possible. This can guarantee that Loki may always remain Invisible, especially by using Energy Dash via the Zenurik school.

This build mostly works well with spy missions but also counts as a good choice in missions such as survivals or defense as you can avoid being a target and easily kill enemies without them noticing. Additionally, energy costs have been reduced, allowing the other skills to be cost with less energy consumption.

The ability strength of this build is down to 40% but this may change by removing Overextended and modifying the build.

3) Savior Decoy Build (Death Cheater Build)

It is no question that Loki may be a bit frail when it comes to taking damage from higher level enemies and sometimes during missions, we tend to get a bit overzealous, causing us to get wrecked. With this build, we get a second chance to survive and heal up with Quick Thinking as well as an almost unlimited amount of Decoy saves.

Savior Decoy allows Loki to be saved just before he takes fatal damage, swapping himself with the Decoy before being killed. Loki will be able to cast this at a very low energy cost and with the help of Quick Thinking, death is sure to be avoided.

Quick Thinking and the addition of casting Decoy before heading into battle or to escape will guarantee the player is more comfortable and confident when fighting, knowing they will be safe.

4) Hushed Invisibility Build (Silent Weapons Build)

A lot of us think that we’ll be doing a mission quietly and later on we end up coming out guns blazing. Well, this is quite different as from the start of the mission, you can go guns blazing. The Hushed Invisibility augment will prevent the sounds of your weapons from alarming enemies. This means you can pretty much do stealth kills as much as you want as long as enemies don’t notice.

This is good for picking off enemies in higher missions to avoid getting located and attacked later on. Since Loki needs a good amount of duration, we have maxed out his ability duration stat to 306% in order to prolong Invisibility, thus making Hushed Invisibility more useful.

5) Safeguard Switch Build (Invulnerability Support Build)

While Loki is much capable of handling his own, why not add more to the challenge by being able to support your allies too? Loki can have the Safeguard Switch augment installed, allowing him to grant his allies Invulnerability. We maxed out ability duration to 306% which caused the duration of Safeguard Switch’s effect to increase to 18 seconds.

This can allow Loki to save allies who are in danger or to give them Invulnerability when they are preparing to dive into battle. Imagine that, 18 seconds of Invulnerability that can be granted by Loki. There is a lot that can be done when using this build with a team.

6) Irradiating Disarm (Disarm Confusion Build)

Loki as well as any other Warframe will take damage from projectiles and this becomes deadlier at higher levels. With this build, not only do we make use of the large radius boosted by the 265% ability range, we also use the Irradiating Disarm to force enemies to use melee weapons, move close to each other and fight one another.

This is a great way to get groups of enemies to thin their own ranks while you and your allies may either lay back and regroup or join in on the action. This is useful when going against enemies with ranged weapons but also has the effect of knocking down the infested, making this ability good against all factions.

Final Thoughts

Loki truly is sneaky and not a lot of players see the potential of all his other abilities. Most players just choose Loki due to the duration of Invisibility as well as his fast movement (Loki is one of the fastest Warframes in the game when it comes to running) which makes it easy to run missions.

You can practically do any mission with Loki and even take on those that are not for the frail Warframes since Loki can remain stealthy. Attacking enemies with melee weapons or ranged will do and with the addition of his abilities, Loki can pretty much cause a lot of mischief to happen with his enemies by confusing them with a Decoy or Disarming them.

Loki may appear as a solo stealth Warframe, but he also works well with a team. He has the capacity to confuse enemies, distract and even disarm them.  This makes it easier for the team to kill enemies and in harder levels, it can help them all survive.


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