Warframe Focus Farm 2024 Guide (Best & Fastest Way to Farm)

With the introduction of the Operator in The Second Dream, players now can switch between Warframe and the Operator during missions.

The Operator has an arsenal of its own and can use abilities as well as have certain “ways” in their Focus School which can be unlocked.

To unlock these ways though, you will need Focus Points which may be gained in different ways as you do missions.

What are Focus Points?

Focus Points, simply referred to by others as Focus, are points that you can obtain that allow you to unlock ways in the different Focus Schools.

These are important in improving your Operator, making them stronger and more efficient as well as providing your Warframe with certain bonuses.

As you progress with unlocking more ways and upgrading current ones, you will be spending more and more Focus Points.

How to Farm Focus?

There are several ways that allow you to obtain Focus Points in the game, which mainly are with the use of Focus Lenses or Focus Conversion.

1) Focus Lenses

Warframe Focus Lens Selection Menu

A Focus Lens will allow you to convert a certain percentage of the excess Affinity you gain into Focus Points for whichever Focus School it is from.

There are normal Focus Lenses as well as higher tier ones, allowing you to gain more Focus Points depending on which type of Lens you use.

You can equip a Focus Lens into Warframes and weapons, which will cause any excess Affinity gained with that certain equipment to have a percentage turned into Focus Points.

The following are the types of Focus Lens you can use:

  • Focus Lens (Converts 1.25%)
  • Greater Focus Lens (Converts 1.75%)
  • Eidolon Lens (Converts 2.25%)
  • Lua Lens (converts 3.75%)

Having better Focus Lens will speed up the rate at which you can gain Focus Points, allowing you to quickly reach the Daily Focus Cap.

2) Focus Conversion

For those who have faced the Eidolons in the Plains of Eidolon open world on Earth, you may have obtained different kinds of Eidolon Shards.

These may be exchanged for Focus Points and do not count towards the Daily Focus Cap, allowing you to convert as many as you want.

The following are the different Eidolon Shards and the amount of Focus Points they provide:

  • Eidolon Shard (2,500) – Drops from Teralyst (1), Gantulyst (3), and Hydrolyst (5)
  • Synthetic Eidolon Shard (5,000) – Drops from Sanctuary Onslaught (Rotation B)
  • Brilliant Eidolon Shard (25,000) – Drops when you capture a Teralyst (1), Gantulyst (1), and Hydrolyst (2)
  • Radiant Eidolon Shard (40,000) – Drops when you capture Gantulyst (1) and Hydrolyst (2)

Best Way to Farm Focus

The best and fastest way to Farm Focus is to do Sanctuary Onslaughts as this mission will put you up against random factions which you can continuously kill.

Most Focus Points are usually gained when you kill Grineer or Corrupted enemies, which makes the Sanctuary Onslaught the best way to farm Focus.

Another good way to get Focus Points is to do the Hydron mission on Sedna, which provides you with a good amount of Focus Points, especially when you find Convergence Orbs.

Convergence Orbs

Convergence Orbs are pickups that will grant you 10x the Focus Points gain for 45 seconds, allowing you to get a huge boost when you kill enemies.

These can be seen as bright yellow pickups and will be marked on your map and may spawn at any time during a mission.

It is best to grab one when there are a lot of enemies to make the most out of the 45 seconds that you have to farm Focus Points.

These can appear multiple times during a mission and can easily be found by checking their marker on your map.

What is the Daily Focus Cap in Warframe?

Players will be able to farm a certain amount of Focus Points every day until they reach a certain limit and will need to wait for the daily reset.

The Daily Focus Cap begins at 250,00 Focus Points and has an additional 5,000 for each mastery rank that you have reached.

You can check your Daily Focus Cap by opening the Operator Focus School menu to see how much you can get, including how many may get.


Farming Focus Points can be quite tedious when you are first starting and you will need a lot of them to unlock your Operator’s capabilities.

With a stronger Warframe that is fully modded, this task can become easier, and doing a Sanctuary Onslaught with one that can clear out enemies easily is a big help.

You won’t be farming Focus forever though as once you have unlocked all your Operator’s ways, you no longer need to get more unless a new update changes things.


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