Zephyr Warframe

How to Get Zephyr 2024 Guide

Zephyr is an aerial wind-based Warframe, who is capable of soaring through the air and using it against enemies that … Read more

Wisp Warframe

How to Get Wisp 2024 Guide

Wisp is a ghost-like Warframe, who can phase to avoid damage, summon reservoirs to aid her, and use her abilities … Read more

Mesa Warframe

How to Get Mesa 2024 Guide

The ruthless gunslinger Warframe, Mesa is always on the hunt for her foes, firing rapid shots with her deadly pistols. … Read more

Warframe Gara

How to Get Gara 2024 Guide

Gara is an ancient warrior who manipulates the power of glass to destroy all of her enemies, shattering them to … Read more

Yareli Warframe

How to Get Yareli 2024 Guide

Yareli is a water-themed Warframe, known as the Waverider who surfs/flies around on Merulina, a ridable creature of the waves. … Read more

Saryn Warframe

How to Get Saryn 2024 Guide

Biological warfare is something that comes into mind when you think about Saryn, a Warframe who loves to spread poison … Read more