Warframe Vectis Prime Build 2024 Guide

Vectis Prime is the Prime version of the single shot sniper rifle Vectis. This weapon has a 5% improvement on critical chance compared to the standard version as well as a 100% increase in magazine size.

Including a couple of more improvements on the weapon from zoom magnification and an overall damage improvement, the Vectis Prime also carries the same features of the standard version in which it does not go out of zoom when reloading much like a bolt action rifle.

How To Get Vectis Prime?

The Vectis Prime can usually be obtained through opening relics to obtain its parts, which may then be built together by assembling them in your foundry and sometimes this weapon is also offered as a redeemable prize on Twitch’s monthly membership service.

Vectis Prime Blueprint

  • Lith A1 Uncommon
  • Neo A1 Uncommon
  • Neo A4 Uncommon

Vectis Prime Barrel

  • Lith V7 Common
  • Neo N1 Common
  • Axi C1 Common
  • Axi H1 Common
  • Axi T1 Common

Vectis Prime Receiver

  • Meso V1 Rare
  • Meso V6 Rare

Vectis Prime Stock

  • Lith V8 Uncommon
  • Neo B1 Uncommon
  • Axi V2 Rare
  • Axi V3 Rare
  • Axi V4 Rare

Vectis Prime Crafting Requirements

  • 15,000 Credits
  • 1x Vectis Prime Blueprint
  • 1x Vectis Prime Barrel
  • 1x Vectis Prime Receiver
  • 1x Vectis Prime Stock

Vectis Prime Stats

The Vectis Prime is a breech loading sniper rifle that lets you reload your weapon while staying zoomed in on your targets, making this quite the precision mid ranged weapon compared to most sniper rifles.

Critical Chance30.0%
Critical Multiplier2.5x
Fire Rate2.67
Punch Through1.0

Vectis Prime Builds

1) Sniper Build

The Vectis Prime has an above average critical chance that is easy to boost up to 100% with standard critical mods. This build takes advantage of this to ensure maximum damage with every shot.

This build synergizes Depleted Reload, Argon Scope, Primed Chamber and Target Acquired, which is able to greatly increase the damage of your headshots. This set of mods allows the Vectis Prime perform exceptionally well even without any element mods.

2) Status Build

Often, sniper weapons are not usually built for status chance but for the Vectis Prime, it is easy to raise the status chance to 100% and over letting it inflict status effects easily. This build primarily uses dual stat mods to get the highest possible status chance for the Vectis Prime with Primed Chamber.

 It almost guarantees a two-shot kill on your target, hitting them with a heavy first shot and a follow-up shot that can finish off most enemies.

3) Anti-Armor Build

The Vectis Prime’s low magazine cap makes it a great choice for using Primed Chamber and the combination of heat and corrosive makes this build great for breaking through heavily armored units.

This build mainly focuses on armor penetration and reduction. It also takes advantage of the synergy of Primed Chamber and Depleted Reload to make every shot receive a 100% additional damage to deal significant numbers to heavily armored units and easily taking out normal ones.

4) Vigilante Mods Build

This build focuses on ammo efficiency and potentially increasing the damage potential of the Vectis Prime. The Vigilante mod set provides some improvements to the Vectis Prime by increasing its punch through by 150% making it easy to shoot through hull doors or even punching through 2 to 3 enemies.

Its improved trigger time ensures that your shots can be fired quickly as soon as it’s reloaded and an ammo converter that picks up any type of ammo and converts it to the ammo type for the Vectis Prime.

5) Viral & Hunter Munitions Combo

With a somewhat higher puncture and impact physical damage compared to slash, it would be somewhat difficult for the weapon to proc slash on its own. By using Hunter Munitions, this provides a chance for the Vectis Prime to deal slash damage by converting its overall damage into slash. Viral is a complimentary element to slash since it amplifies the health damage of the slash procs, making this build ammo efficient and effective in most missions.

Riven Mods

Core Riven Stats

There are a couple of Riven stats that you would want to look for with Vectis Prime, where you will focus on the negative stat of the riven which is absolutely preferred to be negative magazine size to make it a perfect match for the Primed Chamber Mod.

It would be best to boost the Vectis Prime’s damage, focusing on critical chance and critical damage with this weapon is the best way to get high damage numbers and multishot for getting your sniper combo counter up to max quickly.

Getting elemental damage on your Riven stats is a good way of making room for important mods like Hunter Munitions, Metal Auger or Primed Chamber to maximize your damage output.

Top Tier

These are the best possible combination of the Vectis Prime Riven.

  • Critical Chance
  • Elemental Damage
  • Multishot
  • Negative Magazine Size

High Tier

These are the highest possible numbers that the Vectis Prime Riven will have.

  • Critical Chance
  • Multishot
  • Negative Magazine Size

Acceptable Negative Stats

Negative Magazine is the perfect negative stat for the Vectis Prime only followed by negative zoom.

Negative impact is also a great stat even though it lowers damage a bit because when proccing impact it staggers enemies which is bad if you want to make sure you get a headshot.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative reload is really bad for this weapon, reducing in turn its fire rate since it is a breech loading sniper rifle.
  • Negative ammo maximum since the Vectis Prime already has a below average ammo capacity already.
  • Negative fire rate will delay the shot after your reload making it hard to land consecutive shots.

Useless Positive stats

  • Positive magazine is counter productive to the weapon if you will be using it with a Primed Chamber, since most users without Rivens would prefer to just manually reload your weapon to take full advantage of Primed Chamber.
  • Positive faction damage is subjective when it comes to positive stats since the overall weapon performance is good already against every faction as it is and you would rather want a more solid boost to your general damage output.
  • Positive slash or impact is ok but can take away from better stats since what you would be looking for in the Vectis Prime are very specific stats that makes having these stats trivial.

Final Thoughts

The Vectis Prime is very different compared to other sniper rifles with its high critical and status chance and a small magazine size. The weapon is still consistent and accurate, making it a great option for players that like to mix and match their sniper playstyles for different missions.

The Vectis Prime is a somewhat uncommon weapon to see in the hands of new players because it takes some time to get used to it but certainly for those who took the time to use this weapon, they have found that its unique features are very easy to use and effective in any mission type.


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