Warframe Opticor Build 2024 Guide

One of the iconic weapons of Warframe, the Opticor is considered to be one of the most powerful weapons in the game. This Corpus laser cannon fires a single charged pulse energy that has incredible range, rivaling some sniper rifles with its accuracy.

The only drawback of this weapon is its slow charge rate before you can fire your shot but for most clusters of enemies you only need one shot from this weapon to clear them out. If you love to see huge amounts of damage and obliterate enemies with a single shot, this weapon is the one for you.

How To Get Opticor?

The Opticor blueprint is available in the Corpus research lab in your clan dojo after it has been researched. Afterwards, it can be purchased for 15,000 credits. Once purchased you can craft the Opticor in your orbiter if you have the necessary materials to craft it.

Opticor Crafting Requirements

Opticor Blueprint

  • 30,000 x Credits
  • 5 x Fieldron
  • 20x Gallium
  • 600 x Cryotic
  • 1 x Forma

Opticor Stats

The Opticor is a Corpus laser cannon that shoots concentrated pulse of light energy that destroys anything it hits. The beam of light will dissipate a large amount of magnetic energy at the point of impact that damages anything nearby that survived the initial impact.

Charge Rate2.0
Critical Chance20.0%
Critical Multiplier2.5x
Fire Rate1.00
Punch Through1.0
Charged Damage
Quick Shot Damage

Opticor Builds

1) Fire Rate Build  

The Opticor is one of the heavy hitting weapons of Warframe although, with its really slow charge rate, it might be less favorable for some that prefer a more aggressive playstyle.

This build provides a great improvement to the overall charge rate of the weapon that has somewhat of an impact on the total fire power of the weapon, sacrificing 2 to 3 of the mod slots to significantly improve the charge rate of the Opticor.

2) Hybrid Damage

Power and precision is what the Opticor is known for and loved by most warframe players. With this build it certainly showcases that raw power that this weapon can bring against your enemies.

This build uses inexpensive mods that easily maximizes the overall damage of the Opticor while carrying powerful 90% elemental mods and Heavy Caliber coupled with Serration, providing an overall 330% boost in damage output.

3) Heavy DPS Build

Focusing on the heavy damage output that the Opticor is able to do, you can’t go wrong with a critical and Hunter Munitions build.

This build focuses on the potential damage output of the weapon and relying on the DPS of slash and elemental procs, making it so that if your charged shot doesn’t kill them the DPS will.

4) Status Chance

There is no lack in damage output when talking about the Opticor, but for some instances where you need to proc status effects, the weapon is lacking. Improving the overall status chance of the weapons can significantly boost its damage potential depending on the enemies you will be facing.

With the four 60/60 mods heat, cold, toxic and electricity that adds 60% elemental damage conversion of the overall base damage and 60% status chance, it makes it easy to find the right combination to mix and match to fit your mission or the enemies you will be facing.

5) Corrosive & Heat

Corrosive deals more damage the thicker the armor of your enemies have and heat lowers the armor of any unit to a fixed amount rendering any heavily armored unit into a minor inconvenience to your mission.

Piercing damage automatically bypasses 50% of any type of armor making it great for damage output along with corrosive and heat to build your shots will certainly obliterate anything you hit with the laser of the Opticor.

Riven Mods

Core Riven Stats

The Opticor is all about overkill, and looking for ways to improve your damage should be the number one priority when looking for Riven mods and second only to utility.

Focusing on elemental damage can significantly improve your damage or leave room for other effects like critical chance, critical damage or more damage boosting mods.

When it comes to utility, fire rate is a great option for Riven stats to negate some of that very long charge rate of the Opticor that also lets you make room for damage boosting mods other than fire rate mod on your standard build.

Top Tier

These are the best possible stats for the Opticor Riven.

  • Damage
  • Fire rate
  • Multishot
  • Negative zoom

High Tier

These are the highest possible stats that the Opticor Riven will have.

  • Damage
  • Multishot
  • Harmless negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative ammunition related mods are certainly acceptable with only the middle ground of negative magazine size since the weapon only has 5 shots before needing to reload.
  • Negative projectile flight speed is also a great one to see since the Opticor, although has a projectile, it is almost instantaneous when hitting enemies even at great distances.
  • Positive recoil is also a good negative to see since it’s a negligible negative, where if you are knocked out of position when aiming, it would be easy to reposition and aim again while charging up the shot with your Opticor.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative fire rate is probably an automatic reroll, even with your Riven gets good stats since the Opticor’s charge time is really bad, and making it longer is just awful, making it better to just charge in with your melee weapon rather than bothering to take your shot.
  • Negative puncture is also a negative that is kind of bad since puncture is your highest damage bonus reducing your overall damage although this is subjective for most players but for overkill this takes away a chunk of your damage potential.

Useless Positive stats

  • Positive slash or impact might be good for some but is a miniscule addition to your damage with the Opticor since it would be difficult to beat the standard piercing damage of the weapon itself.
  • Positive ammunition and positive magazine size is also a waste of stats since the Opticor is known for its great ammo efficiency making these positive stats useless with this weapon.
  • Positive faction damage is also useless since the Opticors damage output is already so high that having these stats as a positive only improves the overkill factor of the weapon that can be subjective in most scenarios or preferences.

Final Thoughts

The Opticor is a powerhouse of a weapon, having an average critical and status chance that makes it viable for most hybrid builds and excels in focusing on one type of effect making it a favorite of most players.

Users of the Opticor love its overkill factor which shows really high damage in numbers during any mission, may it be a high leveled one or a low tier mission which makes the Opticor a highly used weapon with any Mastery Rank and personal favorite of most veterans in Warframe.


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