Warframe Ignis Wraith Build 2024 Guide

The Ignis Wraith is an improved version of the standard Ignis, a Grineer flamethrower. This weapon sports an improved critical chance and status chance over its original that can easily put a certain fire breathing Warframe’s damage to shame.

Having no innate physical damage, the Ignis Wraith deals only heat damage for its basic stats but can still carry any elemental mod to mix its heat damage or boost it altogether with other primary heat damage mods.

This weapon excels at clearing rooms of enemies, incinerating them or pumping them with other elements like corrosive or viral. Not to mention its critical chance makes it viable for certain mods that can improve its damage output significantly.

How To Get Ignis Wraith?

Originally a clan event research item of older clans of the early years of Warframe. Members of such clans may purchase the blueprint from their clan’s lab which they can trade for some miniscule items but some kind hearted clans do give these away for free in the trade chat.

Now it can also be obtained from the rotation of items Baro Ki’teer carries for sale for ducats which will set you back 500 ducats and 250,000 credits for a fully built Ignis Wraith, not including an Orokin Catalyst or Weapon Slot.

Ignis Wraith Crafting Requirements

  • Credits x 30,000
  • Argon Crystals x 3
  • Detonite Injector x 5
  • Ferrite x 10,000
  • Rubido x 500

Ignis Wraith Stats

Although the Ignis Wraith shoots out flames, it is still a beam weapon which is actually a good thing when it comes to damage output since the longer you hold on to your fire button, the more damage the beam increases to, which reaches a cap which maximizes its damage.

Critical Chance17.0%
Critical Multiplier2.5x
Fire Rate8.00

Ignis Wraith Builds

1) Armor Strip

This is an easy build for any Ignis Wraith user to simply just strip armor away with a combination of corrosive and  heat. With this weapon, you won’t have to worry about proccing any physical damage which makes this weapon a great weapon to have as soon as you can equip it, since it provides heavy damage that can be further improved by Warframe buffs.

2) Hybrid Damage

While the Ignis Wraith has exceptional stats when it comes to critical and status chance, it lacks on the damage with only proccing heat damage. You can take full advantage of those stats with this hybrid build by using 90% elemental and Hunter Munitions mods which lets you destroy whole groups of enemies or even tougher elite ones quickly by lowering their health and armor while dealing slash DPS.

3) Anti Shield

With the new expansion focusing against the Corpus, you might want to consider this build that focuses on depleting shields quickly while also lowering the armor of your enemies for maximum effectiveness against them. This is especially useful when you are stuck in a room where there are just too many Corpus nullifiers everywhere and you would want to take them out as quickly as possible.

This is a viable build for offense towards the Corpus faction and tough shielded enemies when farming Credits in The Index.

4) Punch Through

This build allows you to clear rooms that have clusters of enemies efficiently. It focuses on punch through by using the Metal Auger and Primed Shred mods. Going for a viral mod combination will allow the weapon to retain its heat element. Adding Hunter Munitions will allow the Ignis Wraith to deal both heat and slash damage, which goes hand in hand with viral damage due to its status effect.

Using the combination of mods in this build will allow you to inflict heavy amounts of DPS towards your enemies, especially when they are clustered together, near or under Nullifier bubbles or when hiding behind cover. You can easily shoot through obstacles and even penetrate doors with the flames from the Ignis Wraith when this build is used.

5) Range

Focusing on damage against enemies in wider areas especially when exploring or hunting in the large open maps of Fortuna and the Plains of Eidolon, you would want a bit more reach with your Ignis Wraith. This build focuses on range increasing mods like Sinister Reach and Firestorm that improve your effectiveness in your missions.

Using the combination of Firestorm will improve the radius of the tip of your billowing flames from your Ignis Wraith along with Sinister Reach which will extend the range of the weapon. Using a viral and heat combination will improve your DPS then Combustion Beam to add more damage by making your enemies explode and deal damage around their general area.

6) Critical Build

The Critical Build is one way of producing huge amounts of damage. With that said, this build focuses on that effect with critical improving mods like Vital Sense and Hammer Shot for critical damage. Point Strike is currently the best way to improve your critical chance more than any other critical chance improving mod.

Going for radiation in this build provides a great way of dealing damage without any issues with any faction when it comes to damage. Going for Vigilante mods is a great way to increase your damage since they provide a chance for your critical damage to be improved by 1 level.

This turns your yellow critical hits into orange ones that boost your damage potential which is great for any type of enemy.

Riven Mod

Core Riven Stats

The Ignis Wraith is not only a unique type of weapon but also a powerful one, which makes its Rivens quite pricey. So, with that said there are a couple of riven stats you would want to see on your riven, if you have one or want one to boost your Ignis Wraith.

Not much to be said for standard damage boosting stats since those are automatically great but there are other Riven stats that would be great for this weapon like a triple element Riven to make room for damage mods or critical boost stats are also a great roll for this weapon.

Top Tier

These are the Best possible Stats you can have for the Ignis Wraith

  • Multishot
  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • +Recoil/-Zoom

High Tier

  • Elemental Damage
  • Multishot
  • Harmless Negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative impact, puncture or slash – since the Ignis Wraith is a pure element weapon, but if you are wondering what if you’re using Hunter Munitions it would be unaffected by negative slash since it only converts damage after all the calculations are done.
  • Positive recoil – This is also a good negative for this weapon since the weapon doesn’t have recoil to begin with.
  • Negative fire rate – This one is ideal for Ignis Wraith since it will actually improve the efficiency of the weapon.
  • Negative fractions – specifically negative Infested is ok since Infested units are easier to deal with when you set them on fire whatever level of the mission maybe.

Bad Negative Stats

  • There are a couple of obvious ones so we have no need to explain further like negative damage,multishot,critical chance and critical damage. If any of these becomes a negative that is definitely a sure reroll with the only saving grace is if three of these are the positive.
  • Negative magazine is borderline bad since you can go through your magazine quickly without noticing it. Lowering it down might take away from the sustained damage you are doing especially on tough enemies like the Nox, Juggernaut or Ambulas just to name a few.

Useless Positive Stats

When it comes to some of the positive stats of the Ignis Wraith, there are some that are just disappointing to see and here are some examples of those stats.

  • Positive zoom
  • Positive flight speed
  • Positive Impact Puncture and Slash – useless since this will not provide any bonus whatsoever to the weapon.
  • Positive magazine size – which gives your flamethrower a far larger magazine size than it already has. This is great if you like using the Ignis Wraith in game modes where there are always a high volume of enemies coming your way.

Final Thoughts

The Ignis Wraith is more than just a fun flamethrower weapon, it also has a huge impact on your missions by wreaking havoc on anything that your flames can reach.

This weapon, although limited to a certain reach, can certainly do its job well at clearing areas of enemies or a great way to search for caches by shooting through walls and breaking open loot crates, helping you narrow down your search in missions. This makes it certainly a worth it weapon to craft or buy, especially early on your way to increase your Mastery Rank.


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