Warframe Soma Prime Build 2024 Guide

The Soma Prime is one of the early Prime variants that has a spooling high fire-rate with a high capacity magazine much like its regular counterpart, the Soma. This weapon fires bullets that register as hitscan, which is unaffected by flight speed.

Making it great for spray and pray playstyles that focus on unloading huge amounts of firepower on clustered enemies. The Soma Prime carries the weapon animation of the Soma which is the loaded magazine that goes through the center of the weapon as ammo is spent when firing the weapon.

How To Get Soma Prime?

The Soma Prime can be acquired by cracking open relics that carry its Prime parts. There are also limited time events for Twitch that allows players who subscribe to receive a fully built Soma Prime. Another way of obtaining its Prime parts is to trade with other players.

Soma Prime Blueprint

  • Neo S1
  • Meso B3
  • Lith M1
  • Neo N12

Soma Prime Barrel

  • Neo S3
  • Lith M2
  • Meso D5

Soma Prime Receiver

  • Neo N9
  • Neo N1
  • Lith S3
  • Lith K4

Soma Prime Stock

  • Axi S4
  • Meso S1
  • Lith S2
  • Axi S7

Soma Prime Crafting Requirements

Soma Prime Blueprint

  • 15,000 x Credits
  • 1 x Orokin Cell
  • 1x Soma Prime Barrel
  • 1x Soma Prime Receiver
  • 1x Soma Prime Stock

Soma Prime Stats

The Soma Prime fires bullets which are considered as hitscan and will immediately hit their target. Its large magazine capacity allows players to unload a massive amount of ammunition onto enemies.

This weapon has a high critical chance and when combined with the rate of fire and magazine capacity, it allows successive critical hits to be achieved, thus having a high sustained damage.

Critical Chance30.0%
Critical Multiplier3.0x
Fire Rate15.00

Soma Prime Builds

1) Critical Damage Build

In tougher missions, you would need more firepower to kill enemies efficiently. This build relies on the Soma Prime’s natural critical chance to deal high amounts of damage while inflicting corrosive damage to lower down armor with a stacking debuff and heat damage to reduce enemy armor.

This allows your overall damage potential to increase, making quick work of tough enemies regardless of their level.

2) Damage Focused Build

With the natural critical chance and critical damage of the Soma Prime, it would only need to add more punch to its already boosted damage potential. Focusing only on the high damage mods and multishot,  your critical hits will do significantly more damage to enemies and not to mention, the viral and radiation damage that wreaks havoc on any normal enemy, may they be robotic or organic.

3) Hunter Munitions

The Soma Prime is a viable weapon for Hunter Munitions Builds where it has an already above average critical chance and critical damage output making the mod and the weapon a great match. By bumping up the damage output of the weapon and adding Vigilante Mods to get your yellow critical damage to turn orange, increasing slash damage procs.

With viral elemental damage, you can decimate groups of enemies before you even need to reload or leave them to die via bleed damage.

4) Fire Rate & Punch Through Build

Improving the fire rate of the Soma Prime by using Primed Shred can certainly provide an increase in burst DPS in a pinch, especially with enemies or bosses that only have a window of time where you can inflict damage.

Going for Metal Auger for punch through provides a way for Soma Prime to dispatch groups of enemies even faster by making its bullets go through enemies and most of the enemy cover.

5) High Capacity Build

There are a couple of mods that can increase the efficiency of your ammo pool as you go through some missions where it can wear down quickly, even if you’re dropping droves and droves of enemies.

Vigilante Supplies provides a way for the Soma Prime to expend loads and loads of ammunition at enemies while converting any ammunition picked up turned into ammunition for the Soma Prime to use. WIth Magazine Warp and Wildfire this gives the weapon a higher magazine capacity with the benefit of adding heat element with your ammunition.

6) Vigilante Set Mod Build

This build gains full advantage of the Vigilante set by receiving multiple boosts in a couple of stats like punch through, multishot, fire rate and ammo conversion. Having the Vigilante mods equipped in this build makes the critical damage of the Soma Prime more effective in any mission type.

Riven Mod

Core Riven Stats

The way to go with Soma Prime’s Rivens is to focus on its critical chance and damage rather than getting Rivens for multishot or damage. It’s not bad by any means to get those kinds of stats although as for exploiting the full potential of the weapon, critical is the way to go.

Here are a couple of recommendations for you if you are in the market for rivens.

Top Tier Stats

This is the best possible combination of the Soma Riven.

  • Damage
  • Multishot
  • Critical Damage/Critical Chance

High Tier Stats

This is the highest possible numbers the Soma Riven stats can have.

  • Critical Chance
  • Critical Damage
  • Harmless Negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative zoom is arguably the best negative you can see for your riven especially for the Soma Prime which improves your field of vision while accurately spraying your immediate vicinity with a lot of bullets.
  • Negative ammo maximum is an ok negative stat since there are so many ways to get over this issue such as ammo conversions and especially with the Vigilante Supplies mod that is perfect for the Soma Prime.
  • Negative magazine size is in the middle of all of the negative factors because it will improve the general ammo efficiency of the weapon but can take away from the fun factor of the high capacity magazine that the Soma Prime has.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative faction would be a huge impact of your Riven even if it was a negative on Infestested, which is considered by some as a weak faction. When it comes to higher tier missions, taking out an Ancient Infested unit is often a priority and hitting them with marshmallow levels of damage is just a problem in higher level missions.
  • Negative physical damage like Impact,Puncture, Slash may be a subjective negative since the Soma Prime already has really low damage overall.

Useless Positive Stats

  • Positive flight speed because the weapon is a hitscan type, meaning once you pull the trigger, the target will get hit with a projectile.
  • Reload is ok but a waste for a Riven stat since you don’t really reload that often with the weapon. Fire rate also is a waste but can be a good stat for some eccentric Riven buyers or for yourself if you want to unload 200 rounds in 1 second.
  • Positive magazine or ammo increase stat is subjective since there is an exilus mod slot to take care of those issues with ammo capacity.

Final Thoughts

The Soma Prime is a simple and straightforward weapon, aimed at your enemies you can see them fall in droves within seconds. Compared to most heavy hitting weapons, the Soma Prime is more focused on DPS where you can focus your shots at a certain group of enemies or a stronger enemy to riddle them with bullets.

Without the worry of running short with its high capacity magazine and large ammo pool, overall, the Soma Prime carries a lot of fun factors for what it can do, how it looks and how it is great for pumping out a lot of critical hits.


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