Risk of Rain 2 (1.0): How to Get 100% Achievements

A guide which will go through every achievement and explain how you get them, what you get from them, and even ways to make them easier to get.


Achievements were introduced along with the 1.0 Update and are based on the in-game challenges. Each challenge and therefore each achievement unlocks different in-game content such as items or survivors. Some of these can be confusing or might have some tactics you can use to more easily complete them. That’s where this guide comes in. This guide looks at every achievement and, if applicable, provides some tips to help those struggling to finish them.

Achievements are grouped in relation to a specific action/event that is required to achieve it. Each section will be organized into the following:

  • Survivor
  • Primary skill
  • Secondary skill
  • Utility skill
  • Special skill
  • Misc skill
  • White items
  • Green items
  • Red items
  • Equipment
  • Lunar items
  • Lunar equipment

Some sections will contain multiple parts. If that’s the case, each section will be separated based on survivors/survivor skills, item colors, or whichever seems the best.

Each achievement will be organized into the following format:



Achievements related to Survivor Mastery will just be presented with the Survivor’s Mastery achievement and the skin name.

Achievements related to Trials (Artifacts) will be grouped based on personal difficulty and have small tidbits that can help with completing the Trial.

Do note that tips provided DO NOT involve any save editing or anything of similar nature. It will all be actions you can do inside the game itself.

Every achievement can be done solo, however playing multiplayer can make some achievements easier to complete.

Live or Die

Achievements related to staying alive or dying.

  • True Respite (“Obliterate yourself at the Obelisk..”)

To reach the Obelisk, you need to go through the Celestial Portal. This can be a difficult task since this requires looping (refer to Deja Vu?) at least once and reaching stage 8 where the Celestial Portal first spawns. Once you go through the Celestial Portal, simply traverse the terrain until you reach a giant object. This is the Obelisk where you obliterate, ending the run. Playing on Drizzle with the Artifact of Command can make reaching the Obelisk easier. Once you obliterate, you unlock the Mercenary survivor.

  • Learning Process (“Die 5 times.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. If you want to quickly achieve this, you can take damage from monsters, jump off the map, and then get hit once by a monster. Once you achieve your 5th death, you unlock the Tougher Times item which gives you a chance to block a hit from monsters.

  • The Lone Survivor (“Stay alive for 30 consecutive minutes.”)

Despite the name of the achievement, you can do this in multiplayer which can be easier as there’s other people that can take the monsters’ aggro. If you are in multiplayer, dying once resets the timer and you need to spend another 30 minutes on the run. To easily accomplish, this you can beat stage 1 and instead of teleporting out, to just wait until 30 minutes pass. Once you complete the Teleporter event, monsters will stop spawning allowing you to just mess around on the stage. Either way, if you live for 30 minutes straight, you unlock the Dio’s Best Friend item which gives you an extra life.

  • I Love Dying! (“Die 20 times.”)

Refer to Learning Process for more information. Dying 15 more times after you unlock Tougher Times will unlock the Forgive Me Please equipment which will continuously trigger all On-Kill effects when you throw it out.

  • Warm For Life (“Die three times while burning.”)

You don’t need to die from burning, you just need to die while you have the burn debuff. This debuff is symbolized by a fire symbol over your health bar. One thing to note is that an attack that applies burn and kills you won’t count. The attack that applies burn needs to be a different attack from the one that kills you. The easiest way to achieve this is through Blazing Elites. Once you die 3 times while on fire, you unlock the Blast Shower equipment which removes all negative effects applied to you.

Slayer p.1 (Survivor Skills)

Achievements related to dealing damage or killing monsters that aren’t tied to a specific Environment.

  • Huntress: Finishing Touch (“As Huntress, land a killing blow with every possible hit of a single glaive.”)

To complete this, you need to kill 7 different monsters with one glaive throw. If the monsters die from anything else such as bleeding or burn, you will need to try again. An easy way to do this is to get a few Crowbars (refer to The Basics) and then throw a glaive at a group of Lesser Wisps. You can also weaken monsters using Strafe. Just make sure you have a large enough group of monsters before you throw your glaive. Remember that each subsequent glaive hit will do more damage. Once you kill 7 different enemies with a glaive throw, you will unlock Huntress’s Flurry Primary skill.

  • Artificer: Massacre (“As Artificer, perform a multikill of 20 enemies.”)

Note that the multikill timer resets if you go 1 second without killing a monster. An easy way to achieve this is to use the Primordial Cube to group up a lot of enemies and then to have a few Will-o’-the-wisps item to help you kill all the monsters inside. Using the Artifact of Command can reduce the luck required to pull off this combo. Once you do a multikill of 20 monsters, you unlock Artificer’s Plasma Bolt Primary skill.

  • MUL-T: Gotcha! (“As MUL-T, land the killing blow on an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator.”)

To unlock the Preon Accumulator, refer to [REDACTED]. Since the Imp Overlord constantly teleports, it’s recommended that you get the Imp Overlord extremely low before activating the Preon. Note that the Imp Overlord doesn’t need to be the Teleporter boss. Items like the Fuel Cell (refer to Experimenting) can help if you miss or do not kill the Imp Overlord. Once you do kill an Imp Overlord with the Preon Accumulator, you will unlock MUL-T’s Power-Saw Primary skill.

  • Commando: Rolling Thunder (“As Commando, land the killing blow on an Overloading Worm.”)

The Overloading Worm is a separate boss monster that can spawn and isn’t an Elite version of the Magma Worm. It’s very easy to tell if they spawn as you’ll see blue lightning when the Overloading Worm surfaces. Overloading Worms only spawn on the Rallypoint Delta, Abyssal Depths, Sky Meadow, and Bulwark’s Ambry environments. Multiple Shrines of the Mountain can also spawn this boss. Once you kill the Overloading Worm, you will unlock Commando’s Phase Blast Secondary skill.

  • Acrid: Bad Medicine (“As Acrid, land the final blow on a Scavenger.”)

Scavengers are boss monsters that start appearing after you loop (refer to Deja Vu?) and can be very deadly depending on the item combination they spawn with. The best way to deal with them is to pelt them with Poison attacks. Once you kill a Scavenger, you will unlock Acrid’s Ravenous Bite Secondary skill.

  • Artificer: Orbital Bombardment (“As Artificer, kill 15 enemies before touching the ground.”)

Remember that Artificer has a Passive skill that allows her to hover by holding the Jump key. Simply go to a high point of an environment and float downwards, killing any monsters that spawn. For an easier time of staying above the ground, use items such as the Hopoo Feather for an extra jump, the H3AD-5T v2 item for an increased jump height, or the Milky Chrysalis equipment to literally fly. If you manage to kill 15 monsters before you touch the ground, you unlock Artificer’s Ion Surge Special skill.

  • Acrid: Easy Prey (“As Acrid, land the killing blow on 50 total enemies that have 1 hit point left.”)

To get monsters to 1 hit point, you need to poison them. Acrid’s poison will leave any afflicted target at 1 health, even boss monsters, if the poison doesn’t run out before then, which lasts 10 seconds unless it is reapplied. I recommend to swipe at any medium-sized monsters, such as Stone Golems, a few times so that when you do poison them, they’ll be left at 1 health. This can be done over multiple runs so as long as you’re poisoning every monster you encounter, you’ll eventually kill 50 that have 1 health. When you kill your 50th monster that has 1 health, you will unlock Acrid’s Blight Misc skill.

Slayer p.2 (Items)

  • Elite Slayer (“Defeat an Elite-type monster.”)

Elite monsters are upgraded versions of normal monsters and come with a different color, added abilities, and more health. Their health bar will also contain a symbol matching their Elite nature.
There are 5 different Elite types: Blazing, Glacial, Overloading, Malachite, and Celestine.
Just kill one of them and you’ll unlock the Medkit item which will heal you 2 seconds after getting hurt.

  • Keyed Up (“Defeat the Teleporter boss under 15 seconds.”)

This can be quite difficult to achieve if you don’t have the right items. It’s preferable that you have a high-damaging equipment you can use on the Teleporter boss once they spawn, such as the Disposable Missile Launcher. If you loop multiple times, you can reach a point where, due to your items, you can insta-kill the Teleporter boss either directly or by killing the monsters that spawn. Either way, there’s no real guaranteed way to achieve this without some luck unless you use the Artifact of Command. When you do accomplish this though, you unlock the Rusted Key item which will spawn a rusted lockbox on every upcoming stage, giving you a free item.

  • Slaughter (“Defeat 3000 enemies”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. Note that the farther you are in a run, the more monsters will spawn. Upon killing the 3000th monster, you will unlock the Infusion item which increases your health for every monster you kill.

  • Cut Down (“Defeat 500 elite monsters.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. Refer to Elite Slayer for more specifics.
When you kill your 500th Elite monster, you unlock the Old Guillotine item which allows you to insta-kill Elites once they reach a certain health threshold.

  • Macho (“Deal 5000 damage in one shot.”)

The one shot that does 5000 damage can be from anything such as your equipment or even your skills. As you level up, your damage is increased not only for your skills, but your items as well. Some ways to do this is using the Preon Accumulator (refer to [REDACTED]) or Royal Capacitor (refer to Ascendant) equipment, exploding with the Genesis Loop item, or using Artificer’s Charged Nano-Bomb skill. Upon doing 5000+ damage in one shot, you unlock the Unstable Tesla Coil item which will zap nearby enemies.

Slayer p.3 (Equipment, Lunar Items, & Lunar Equipment)

  • Ascendant (“Defeat the Teleporter bosses after activating 2 Shrines of the Mountain.”)

A luck-based achievement, Shrines of the Mountain are the Shrines with a blue spikes symbol. Most of the time, especially during later stages, having multiple Shrines of the Mountain activated will cause the Teleporter boss to be an Elite, so make sure you have good items or good dodging skills. When you defeat the Teleporter bosses, you unlock the Royal Capacitor equipment, which calls down a lightning strike dealing massive damage and stunning nearby monsters.

  • Blockade Breaker (“Kill 15 boss monsters in a single run.”)

Boss monsters are the monsters that usually spawn during a Teleporter event. This doesn’t mean you need to do 15 Teleporter events as during later stages or after using the Shrine of the Mountain, multiple boss monsters will spawn. Also, boss monsters will be spawned normally during stages as well. When you kill your 15th boss monster, you will unlock both Visions of Heresy and Strides of Heresy Lunar items. Visions replaces your Primary skill with Hungering Gaze while Strides replaces your Utility skill with Shadowfade.

  • The Demons And The Crabs (“Kill 20 Hermit Crabs by chasing them off the edge of the map.”)

Hermit Crabs are the monsters that burrow underground and launch boulders at you from a distance. The only environment you can do this on is Titanic Plains after you loop. To chase them off the map, you need to run up to them and force them towards an edge by just following them. Make sure to not have any AOE items that can kill them while you’re chasing them. Some easier ways to accomplish this include using the Primordial Cube equipment or REX’s DIRECTIVE: Disperse Utility skill. Once you chased your 20th Hermit Crab off, you unlock the Gesture of the Drowned Lunar item which reduces your equipment cooldown by half but also automatically activates it.

  • Multikill! (“Kill 15 enemies simultaneously.”)

The easiest way to do this is to group up a bunch of Beetles in one spot and then use an equipment item that does AOE damage, such as the Preon Accumulator (refer to [REDACTED]). Another way is to use the Primordial Cube equipment along with the Will-o’-the-wisp item. Can be made easier with the Artifact of Swarms to increase monster spawns and Artifact of Kin so that only Beetles spawn. Once you kill 15 monsters all at once, you unlock the Hellfire Tincture Lunar equipment which ignites everything within a small radius around you, including yourself.

Numbers Breaker p.1 (Survivor Skills)

Achievements related to having or doing a certain amount of something.

  • Mercenary: Demon of the Skies (“As Mercenary, don’t touch the ground for 30 seconds.”)

Mercenary’s normal skills are able to achieve this for you as long as you space out the skills appropriately. Otherwise, items like the Hopoo Feather can be really helpful. A super easy way to do this is to have a Fuel Cell (refer to Experimenting) and the Milky Chrysalis equipment. The equipment lets you fly for 15 seconds so having a Fuel Cell to give you a second charge means you can fly for 30 seconds. After being off the ground for 30 seconds, you unlock Mercenary’s Rising Thunder Secondary skill.

  • Loader: Swing By (“As Loader, reach and process through the Celestial Portal in 25 minutes or less.”)

Refer to True Respite to know how to access the Celestial Portal. The 25 minutes or less refers to the in-game timer, so it can be a good idea to visit the Void Fields to get some extra items as you want to spend minimal amount of time on each stage. Since the Celestial Portal first spawns on stage 8, you need to spend about 3 minutes on each stage. This isn’t as difficult of an achievement as it sounds as if you play on Drizzle, you will be able to handle most monsters without any items at all due to Loader’s great mobility as well as his Passive skill. If you go through the Celestial Portal in under 25 minutes, you will unlock Loader’s Spiked Fist Secondary skill.

  • Huntress: One Shot, One Kill (“As Huntress, collect and carry 12 Crowbars at once”)

To start, refer to The Basics to know how to unlock the Crowbar. Afterwards, it’s down to luck on whether or not you get 12 Crowbars in a run. Be on the lookout for a Crowbar 3D Printer. The easiest way to achieve this is to use the Artifact of Command and to just choose the Crowbar for the first 12 white items you find. However you do decide to reach 12 Crowbars, once you do, you will unlock Huntress’s Phase Blink Utility skill.

  • Acrid: Pandemic (“As Acrid, inflict Poison 1000 total times.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. As long as you fully utilize Acrid’s skills, you will eventually inflict enough Poison. One thing to note is that Acrid’s Blight Passive skill does not count towards this achievement. Once you inflict Poison for the 1000th time, you will unlock Acrid’s Frenzied Leap Utility skill.

  • Loader: Earthshatter (“As Loader, land a Charged Gauntlet hit at 300mph or higher.”)

Note that you can make your Charged Gauntlet move faster by sprinting while charging it up, which can help. Therefore, you can stack Energy Drinks instead of Paul’s Goat Hoof (refer to “Is This Bugged?”). A simpler way can be to climb to a high point of an environment and to just jump off and use your Charged Gauntlet downwards. Either way, make sure you also hit a monster while you’re charging. Once you hit a monster with a 300mph or higher Charged Gauntlet charge, you will unlock Loader’s Thunder Gauntlet Utility skill.

Engineer: Better With Friends (“As Engineer, recruit 12 minions at one time.”)

Minions include anything that appears on the left side of your screen such as Engineer’s turrets and Strike drones from The Back-up (refer to Mechanic). The easiest way to complete this is to grab 2 Fuel Cells (refer to Experimenting) and the The Back-up equipment. Use your equipment 3 times and 12 Strike drones will spawn, instantly completing this achievement. Otherwise just repairing drones and turrets work as well. Once you have 12 minions at one time, you will unlock Engineer’s TR58 Carbonizer Turret Special skill.

Numbers Breaker p.2 (Items)

  • The Basics (“Discover 10 unique white items.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. Avoid opening Large Chests as they guarantee a green or red item. Be on the look out for 3D Printers and Multishop Terminals .You’ll know for certain which item you discovered by checking the Logbook and the Item & Equipment section. There are currently 24 white items, 8 of which you unlock through challenges. Once you pick up your 10th unique white item and discover it, you will unlock the Crowbar item which makes you deal more damage to monsters above 90% health.

  • “Is This Bugged?” (“Fail the Shrine of Chance 3 times in a row.”)

The Shrine of Chance is an interactable that can spawn on stages and appears as a black obelisk with a yellow symbol over it. Interacting with it costs gold and each subsequent interaction costs more gold. Note that each Shrine of Chance will only reward 2 items. Once it rewards the 2nd item, it can no longer be interacted with. This is a pure luck-based achievement so just make sure you have a bunch of gold when you start interacting with the Shrine of Chance. Once you fail the Shrine of Chance 3 times in a row, you unlock the Paul’s Goat Hoof item which increases your movement speed.

  • …Maybe One More. (“Duplicate the same item 7 times in a row with a 3D Printer.”)

Once you find a 3D Printer, make sure you have enough items to duplicate. Repeatedly duplicating the 3D Printer item does not count (i.e. duplicating a Soldier’s Syringe item into another Soldier’s Syringe won’t count). You can do this fairly easily during the later stages as you would have gathered a lot of items at that point. Note that going to a different 3D Printer will reset your progress. Once you duplicated your 7th item, you will unlock the Bundle of Fireworks item which will launch fireworks if you activate any interactable.

  • Experimenting (“Pick up 5 different types of Equipment.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. Equipment are the orange items that you can occasionally see. There are 16 different Equipment items, 10 of which you unlock from challenges. You’ll know for certain which Equipment item you picked up by checking the Logbook and Item & Equipment section. Look out for Equipment Triple Shops which are basically Multishop Terminals for Equipment. These only spawn on the Scorched Acres and Sky Meadow environments. Once you pick up your 5th unique Equipment, you unlock the Fuel Cell item which reduces your Equipment cooldown and gives you an additional charge.

  • Warmonger (“Complete 3 Combat Shrines in a single stage.”)

The Shrine of Combat or just Combat Shrine resembles an alien head with a purple symbol over it. Activating it will spawn monsters found on the current environment. To complete a shrine, simply kill all monsters that spawned. Combat Shrines are found on the Titanic Plains, Abandoned Aqueduct, Rallypoint Delta, Abyssal Depths, and Sky Meadow environments. Once you complete your 3rd Combat Shrine on a single stage, you unlock the Warhorn item which increases your attack speed when you activate your Equipment.

  • Going Fast Recommended (“Reach +300% movespeed (includes sprinting).”)

There are a couple ways you can go about achieving such high speeds. Stacking Paul’s Goat Hoofs (refer to “Is This Bugged?”), which boosts movement speed by 14%, or Energy Drinks which increases your sprinting speed by 30% or 20% for every subsequent stack. Look out for 3D Printers of either item. Some other items that increase movement speed include the Warbanner while in its radius, the Red Whip, the Old War Stealthkit, and items that give you the frenzy buff. A simple way to achieve this is to stack 12 Energy Drinks. Either way, once you reach +300% movement speed, you unlock the Wax Quail item which gives you a boost forward when you jump while sprinting.

  • Rapidfire (“Reach +200% attack speed.”)

There are a couple ways you can go about achieving such high attack speeds. The first is stacking Soldier’s Syringes which increases your attack speed by 15%, meaning you need 14 to reach at least 200% attack speed. You can also increase your attack speed through items that give you the frenzy buff or by using the Warhorn (refer to Warmonger). Once you reach 200% attack speed, you will unlock the Predatory Instincts item which increases your attack speed when you hit a critical strike.

  • Automation Activation (“Activate 6 turrets in a single run.”)

Note that only the Gunner Turrets count towards this achievement. Since this is 6 in a single run, you don’t have to activate 6 turrets on a single stage nor have them all alive at once. Once you activate your 6th Gunner Turret in a run, you will unlock the Squid Polyp item which spawns a Squid Turret when you activate an interactable.

  • Newtist (“Discover and activate 8 unique Newt Altars.”)

Newt Altars looks like a rock surrounded by blue spikes and cost 1 Lunar coin to activate. Doing so will guarantee a Blue Portal to spawn once the Teleporter event is completed. Each environment has different locations that the Newt Altar can spawn, but it isn’t guaranteed. The Newt Altars you activate can be in the same environment as long as it’s in a different location from one you activated before. Once you activate your 8th Newt Altar, you will unlock the Soulbound Catalyst item which reduces your equipment cooldown when you kill something.)

Numbers Breaker p.3 (Equipment & Lunar Equipment)

  • Funded! (“Collect $30,480 total gold.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. You can get gold by killing monsters, opening barrels, or using Shrines of Blood. There are also some items that can help you get more gold, namely the Ghor’s Tome and the Brittle Crown Lunar item. Note that the amount of gold you get from any of these sources increases based on the difficulty and stage. The gold counted is throughout every run, so you don’t need to have $30,480 gold in a single run. Once you collected $30,480 gold, you unlock the Crowdfunder equipment which fires bullets, but requires gold to fire.

  • Bookworm (“Collect 10 Monster or Environment Logs.”)

This can take a while to get as most Logs are luck-based. Monster Logs have a 1% chance to drop while Logs from Teleporter bosses have a 3% chance to drop, both of which are affected by the 57 Leaf Clover (refer to The Long Road). For common environments, there’s a chance an interactable will spawn called the Radio Scanner. Buying this interactable will scan the map revealing chests and other interactables as well as give you the Environment Log directly. There are 6 Environment Logs you can pick up directly which are all found in the Hidden Realms. Once you collected 10 Monster or Environment Logs, you will unlock the Radar Scanner equipment which functions like the Radio Scanner in that it scans the map, revealing chests and interactables.

  • One with the Woods (“Fully upgrade a Shrine of the Woods.”)

Shrine of the Woods appear as a tall pillar with a green symbol over it. They are found on the Distant Roost, Scorched Acres, Siren’s Call, and Bulwark’s Ambry environments. Interacting with the shrine costs gold and will create a circular field that heals. You can interact with the shrine 2 more times, each time costing more gold, to increase the area of the circular field. Once you interact with a shrine 3 times, you will fully upgrade it and unlock the Gnarled Woodsprite equipment which gives you a passive healing while activating it will do an instant, flat heal.

  • Mechanic (“Repair 30 drones or turrets.”)

Note that this can be done over multiple runs, not all at once. There are 7 different drones along with the Gunner Turret so be on the lookout for them. Drones and turrets require gold to repair and are more expensive than Small Chests. The only exception is the Equipment Drone which is free to repair as long as you have an equipment item, which it will take. Once you repair 30 drones or turrets, you will unlock the The Back-up equipment which spawns 4 drones upon activation.

  • Moon Worshipper (“Carry 5 Lunar items in a single run.”)

Lunar items are the blue rarity items that cost Lunar coins to get. There are a couple ways to get Lunar items. The first is to find a Lunar Pod and spend 1 Lunar coin to open it. The second way is to buy Lunar items from the Bazaar Between Time for 2 Lunar coins each. Going through the Bazaar is the easiest way to complete this since it spawns with 5 Lunar items already. However, this method is extremely costly on Lunar coins, costing at least 10 to buy all the items, not including 1 to guarantee the Blue Portal to reach this environment. Note that Lunar equipment does count so playing as MUL-T (refer to Verified) to be able to carry 2 equipment at once does make this easier. Once you have 5 Lunar items, you will unlock the Glowing Meteorite Lunar Equipment which rains meteors from the sky.

  • Cosmic Explorer (“Discover and enter three unique portals.”)

There are only 4 portals that you can enter, the Blue Portal, the Null Portal, the Celestial Portal, and the Gold Portal. For the Blue Portal, refer to Pause.. For the Null Portal, refer to …To Be Left Alone. For the Celestial Portal, refer to True Respite. For the Gold Portal, refer to Blackout. Enter any 3 of the 4 portals and you will complete this achievement, unlocking the Spinel Tonic Lunar equipment which boosts a lot of your stats for a chance to lower your stats once it wears off.

Stage Explorer p.1 (Survivors)

Achievements related to stages (equivalent to levels) and environments (equivalent to maps).

  • Engineering Perfection (“Complete 30 stages.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. Whenever the stage number in the top right of your HUD increases by 1, progress towards this achievement increases by 1. Once you finish your 30th stage, you unlock the Engineer survivor.

  • Guidance Offline (“Defeat the unique guardian of Siren’s Call.”)

Siren’s Call is one of two environments you can get on stage 4. The unique guardian referenced is the Alloy Worship Unit which is spawned by destroying 5 Alloy Vulture nests scattered around the map. The Alloy Worship Unit is considered a boss monster and is functionally identical to the Solus Control Unit boss monster. There’s no time limit on killing the boss so you can take your time in taking it down. Once you kill the Alloy Worship Unit, you will unlock the Loader survivor.

  • Pause. (“Free the survivor suspended in time.”)

To free the survivor, you first need at least 10 Lunar coins which randomly drop from monsters. Once you have 10 Lunar coins, you need to visit the Bazaar Between Time environment through the Blue Portal. This portal spawns randomly on the first stage, but you can guarantee a spawn by finding a Newt Altar (refer to Newtist) and paying 1 Lunar coin. Either way, after going through the Blue Portal, head inside and besides the giant Newt that spawns will be an encased survivor. Use 10 Lunar coins to buy it, allowing you to unlock the Artificer survivor.

  • …To Be Left Alone (“Stabilize the Cell in the Void Fields.”)

The Void Fields is a secret environment that can be found by going through the Null Portal in the Bazaar Between Times, which itself is accessed by going through the Blue Portal (refer to Pause.). Once you’re in the Bazaar, turn around and jump down. There’ll be a large cave you can land in. Following this cave will lead you to the Null Portal. When you go through, you will enter the Void Fields. To stabilize the Cell, you need to complete nine cell events with the first one being where you spawn. Each cell event will add a new monster you need to fight or a new item the monsters will have. Once you complete a cell event, you will be given items and must continue to the next cell event, marked by a large beacon. Standing outside the cell’s radius will cause you to take damage and stop the cell from charging. To make this easier, you can use the Artifact of Kin so that only 1 type of monster is spawned. Once you finish the 9th cell event, you will unlock the Acrid survivor.

  • Power Plant (“Repair the broken robot with an Escape Pod’s Fuel Array.”)

This can be a difficult challenge due to the Fuel Array. To start, the Fuel Array equipment can be picked up on the Escape Pod you spawn out of at the start of a run. Make sure to avoid Acrid and MUL-T as neither survivors have an Escape Pod. If you fall below 50% health you will explode so be sure to stack healing items and/or movement items. Afterwards, you need to reach the Abyssal Depths environment, which appears on the 4th stage, with the Fuel Array. I recommend going through the Blue Portal on stage 3 so that you can guarantee spawning at this environment for some Lunar coins. Either way, once on there, you need to climb to the top platforms in the middle of the environment using the campfires. On the 2nd highest platform there will be a robot which you can interact with if you have the Fuel Array. Upon repairing the robot with the Fuel Array, you will unlock the REX survivor.

  • Washed Away (“Beat the game.”)

To beat the game you need to defeat the final boss which is found on the final stage. To get to this stage, you need to reach stage 5 and activate the Primordial Teleporter. Don’t interact with the spikes of the Teleporter or you will loop instead (refer to Deja Vu?). The Primordial Teleporter event functions identically to a normal Teleporter event except after you teleport, instead of going to the next stage, you will be teleported to the Commencement environment. Here, traverse the landscape until you reach the final boss. I won’t spoil anything specifically except that after you defeat the final boss and reach your ship, you will beat the game and unlock the Captain survivor.

Stage Explorer p.2 (Survivor Skills)

  • REX: Dunked (“As REX, kill a Clay Dunestrider on Abandoned Aqueduct by throwing it into a pit.”)

The Abandoned Aqueduct environment is found on stage 2. This achievement requires some luck as you need a Clay Dunestrider to spawn. You can do a loop (refer to Deja Vu?) so that you don’t have to rely on spawning the Clay Dunestrider from the Teleporter. Once you find a Clay Dunestrider, locate one of the two pits on the map and then boop it in using DIRECTIVE: Disperse. Once you kill it via the pit, you unlock REX’s Bramble Volley Utility skill.

  • Commando: Incorruptible (“As Commando, clear 20 stages in a single run without picking up any Lunar items.”)

Lunar items are the blue rarity items and equipment which you can find in Lunar Pods or in the Bazaar Between Time. You can work on this achievement along with The Long Road as both require reaching 20 stages. Once you reach the 21st stage and you haven’t picked up any Lunar items, you will unlock Commando’s Frag Grenade Special skill.

  • Huntress: Piercing Wind (“As Huntress, start and finish either Rallypoint Delta or Scorched Acres without falling below 100% health.”)

The Rallypoint Delta and Scorched Acres environments are found on stage 3. Note that shields count as normal health so having a lot of shields won’t help. If you don’t want to worry about avoiding every hit, you can stack up on Topaz Brooches because barrier health does not count. Add in some Tougher Times (refer to Learning Process) as a backup for when you get hit and you should be able to get this on your first or second try. Be sure to have some mobility items as well. You can easily finish this in multiplayer if you just avoid the action altogether. Either way, once you reach stage 4 and you didn’t take any health damage, you will unlock Huntress’s Ballista Special skill.

  • Captain: Wanderlust (“As Captain, visit 10 different environments in a single run.”)

This can be a lengthy achievement as each stage only contains 2 different environments, except for stage 5, which has a single environment. Note that Hidden Realms also count so be sure to visit the Bazaar Between Time (refer to Pause.) and Void Fields (refer to …To Be Left Alone). You can also visit the Bulwark’s Ambry (refer to Artifacts section) on stage 5 to gain an extra environment. Once you visit 10 unique environments in a run, you will unlock Captain’s Beacon: Resupply Special skill.

  • Captain: Worth Every Penny (“As Captain, repair and recruit a TC-280 Prototype.”)

The TC-280 Prototype is a giant drone that can only be found on Rallypoint Delta which is on stage 3. It’s extremely expensive compared to other drones so you need to save up. The drone doesn’t always spawn so you need to get lucky once reaching Rallypoint Delta. Upon buying the drone, you unlock Captain’s Beacon: Hacking Special skill.

Stage Explorer p.3 (Items, Lunar Item, Equipments, & Lunar Equipment)

  • Death Do Us Part (“Discover the hidden chamber in the Abandoned Aqueduct.”)

First make sure you’re on the Abandoned Aqueduct environment which is found on stage 2. Somewhere in the environment there will be 2 large Pressure Plates. Stepping on both will open the gates leading to the hidden chamber at the opposite side of the environment from the tall bridges. You can do this solo by pushing Pots onto a Pressure Plate and standing on the other one, or by using the Engineer’s turrets. In multiplayer, you just need 2 players, both standing on a different Pressure Plate to open the chamber. Once you enter the chamber, you will unlock the Runald’s Band item which hits monsters with an ice blast and the Kjaro’s Band item that hits monsters with a fire tornado.

  • Deja Vu? (“Loop back to the first stage.”)

You are able loop every 5 stages. At the Primordial Teleporter, you can interact with the spikes on the outside of the Teleporter which will align the Teleporter to the planet instead of the moon. Upon teleporting, instead of going to the moon you will go back to the first stage. You can also do this by going through a Lunar Portal on stage 5. Upon looping, you will unlock the Sentient Meat Hook item which gives you a chance to hook monsters, dealing damage and bringing them closer together.

  • The Long Road (“Complete 20 stages in a single run.”)

This achievement is time-consuming as well as luck-based as you need good items to be able to last 20 stages. Refer to Deja Vu? to know how to loop as doing so is required. During the later stages, about halfway into your 1st loop, and if you’re lucky enough, you can be one-shotting every monster which at this point I recommend immediately starting the Teleporter event. This will speed up your process. To make this easier and potentially take less time, I recommend using the Artifact of Command as being able to choose your items will be super useful in getting to a point where you one-shot everything. I also recommend Drizzle so that monsters are less powerful. If you complete 20 stages in one run, you unlock the 57 Leaf Clover item which rerolls most of your RNG items for a favorable outcome.

  • Her Concepts (“Find the Altar to N’kuhana.”)

This is a difficult achievement to get if you don’t know what you’re looking for. To start, you must be on the Wetland Aspect environment found on stage 2. Afterwards, head on over to the cliff. Looking over, there’s a small gap where you can enter and after following the path, you will reach the Altar. You must destroy the skeleton at the Altar and then you will unlock the N’kuhana’s Opinion item, allowing you to “store” healing you receive as energy. Once you store enough energy, you shoot a skull at a nearby monster.

  • Blackout(“Defeat the unique guardian of Gilded Coast without any beacons deactivating.”)

To start, you need to go through the Gold Portal once you complete a Teleporter event. The Gold Portal only spawns once you use the Altar of Gold which is a gold obelisk with a gold symbol over it. It’s a rare and expensive shrine so it can take a while to find one. Once you enter the Gold Portal, you will be teleported to the Gilded Coast. The goal is to use gold to activate the 7 Halcyon Beacons that are scattered throughout. Once you activate 4 beacons, a boss monster named Aurelionite will spawn. You can only damage it once all 7 beacons are lit. After some time, it will disable the beacons and you will have to rebuy them. The strategy to completing this achievement is to get enough gold to activate all 7 beacons at once and hope to kill Aurelionite before it deactivates the beacons. The amount of time you have is pretty long so you should be able to kill it before it disables the beacons. Upon killing Aurelionite, you will unlock the Eccentric Vase equipment which allows you to create a tunnel between your location and where you’re aiming.

  • Cleanup Duty (“Destroy 20 flying rocks in Sky Meadow.”)

The Sky Meadow environment is guaranteed on stage 5. Once you reach stage 5, head to the middle of the map and you’ll see rocks shooting by. They can be targeted by certain skills and equipment such as the Royal Capacitor (refer to Ascendant). Once you destroy your 20th rock, you will unlock the Recycler equipment which allows you to change an item into a different item of the same rarity.

  • [REDACTED] (“Open the Timed Security Chest on Rallypoint Delta.”)

To start, you get to the Rallypoint Delta environment on stage 3. I recommend using the Blue Portal to guarantee you get this environment. The Timed Security Chest can only be opened if the timer is below 10:00 minutes. Once it passes 10:00 minutes, you will need to restart or go through another loop, though I recommend just restarting the run. The chest can be found at 3 different locations on the environment and is marked by red lamps so you should be able to find it easily once you reach this stage. Once you open the Timed Security Chest, you will unlock the Preon Accumulator equipment, which is also what’s inside the chest. This equipment launches a giant ball of death with a small charge-up time.

Teleporter Event p.1 (Survivors & Survivor Skills)

Achievements related to the Teleporter event at the end of every stage.

  • Warrior (“Reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event without dying.”)

Basically reach stage 4 if you’re playing solo. Refer to Advancement for some tips for the Teleporter event. If you’re playing multiplayer, dying will void the achievement so if you’re badly hurt, don’t be afraid to leave the Teleporter circle to heal up. Upon reaching stage 4 without dying, you unlock the Huntress survivor.

  • Verified (“Complete the first Teleporter event 5 times.”)

A simple achievement you’ll get over time as you play. If you really want to rush this achievement, you can complete the first Teleporter event and on stage 2, quit to menu and start another run. When you complete your 5th stage 1 Teleporter event, you will unlock the MUL-T survivor.

  • MUL-T: Pest Control (“As MUL-T, defeat two Beetle Queens without leaving the teleporter zone.”)

There’s no guaranteed way to get the Beetle Queen so you need to get lucky on that part. There’s a few ways you can get 2 to spawn. The first is using the Shrine of the Mountain which is also luck-based. You can also loop (refer to Deja Vu?) as later stages will start spawning multiple Teleporter bosses. The 3rd and easiest way is to use the Artifact of Swarms as this can spawn 2 Beetle Queens even on the first stage. Note that you don’t need to finish charging the Teleporter, so just kill the 2 Beetle Queens without leaving the Teleporter radius. Once you do that, you will unlock MUL-T’s Scrap Launcher Primary skill.

  • Engineer: 100% Calculated (“As Engineer, defeat the teleporter boss in less than 5 seconds after it spawns.”)

It’s easier to do this when only one Teleporter boss spawns. This is a somewhat luck-based achievement as you need really good items to be able to properly do this. A Preon Accumulator (refer to [REDACTED]) can help a lot. You can also rely on having a lot of Old Guillotines (refer to Cut Down) and hope the Teleporter boss is an Elite. The most guaranteed but also the most luck-based way is to hope the Teleporter boss is a Wandering Vagrant and it spawns inside the surrounding terrain, instantly killing it. Either way, once you kill the Teleporter boss in less than 5 seconds, you will unlock Engineer’s Spider Mines Secondary skill.

  • Artificer: Chunked! (“As Artificer, fully defeat the teleporter boss in a one-second burst of damage.”)

To clarify, you need to get the Teleporter boss from 100% health to 0% health in one second or less. You can use any number of attacks to accomplish this. This achievement requires the right item combination to effectively complete it. The main item combination you want is the Crowbar (refer to The Basics) and the Armor-Piercing Rounds (refer to Advancement). Then you can either use the Preon Accumulator equipment (refer to [REDACTED]) along with your Charged Nano-Bomb skill. Using the Shaped Glass Lunar item can also be helpful. Be sure to play on Drizzle so that the Teleporter boss has the lowest amount of health and you can add on the Artifact of Command to more easily stack items. If you kill the Teleporter boss in a single second burst of damage, you unlock Artificer’s Cast Nano-Spear Secondary skill.

  • REX: Bushwhacked (“As REX, complete an entire teleporter event while under 50% health.”)

This can be quite a difficult achievement as being below 50% health means you have no one shot protection, so a single high damage hit can kill you. One tip is to use a Shrine of Blood before starting the Teleporter for a quick way to get your health low. Make sure to be constantly using your Seed Barrage skill to keep your health low. Having drones and/or turrets can help draw monsters’ aggro as well as help you kill them. If you manage to stay under 50% health for an entire Teleporter event, you unlock REX’s DIRECTIVE: Drill Secondary skill.

  • Commando: Godspeed (“As Commando, fully charge the first-stage teleporter before the timer hits 5 minutes.”)

The easiest way to do this is to play on the Drizzle difficulty and to immediately find and start the Teleporter event. If you’re having troubling finding the Teleporter, look out for floating particles on the stage which surround the Teleporter. To fully charge the Teleporter, you must kill the boss monster that spawns and charge it up to 100%, so be sure to stay inside the radius and to focus on the boss. Once you charge the Teleporter in under 5 minutes, you will unlock Commando’s Tactical Slide Utility skill.

  • Engineer: Zero Sum (“As Engineer, finish charging the teleporter with zero monsters remaining on the stage.”)

This seems like a difficult challenge, but there’s an easy way to accomplish this. You can charge the Teleporter up to 99% without killing the Teleporter boss, which will stop more monsters spawning. At this point, you can go around the stage and kill any remaining monsters that may be lingering; afterwards, you can kill the Teleporter boss and finish charging the Teleporter. If you do this successfully, and there’s no monsters left on the stage, you unlock Engineer’s Thermal Harpoons Utility skill.

Teleporter Event p.2 (Items & Lunar Items)

  • Advancement (“Complete a Teleporter event.”)

Quite simple, just pass stage 1 and move onto stage 2. Some hints of surviving the Teleporter event include to use cover and prioritize trouble monsters that spawn (such as Lesser Wisps). Upon reaching stage 2 for the first time, you unlock the Armor-Piercing Rounds item which makes you deal more damage to monsters with red health bars.

  • Flawless (“Fully charge a Teleporter without getting hit.”)

This can be difficult to achieve especially if you have low mobility or a bad Teleporter area. Refer to Advancement for some tips. If you’re having trouble, you can do a multiplayer lobby and stay completely away from the teleporter. You can also rely on Tougher Times (refer to Learning Process) but that isn’t a guaranteed method. If you manage to charge the Teleporter without getting hit, you unlock the Backup Magazine item which gives you an additional charge of your Secondary skill.

  • Glorious Battle (“Charge the Teleporter with less than 10% health.”)

You don’t need to be at less than 10% health the whole time you’re charging the Teleporter, just when you fully charge it. Therefore, you can charge it to 99%, run outside the radius to take damage, and then reenter the radius to fully charge it. This is easier to achieve early on since the monsters won’t do that much damage meaning it isn’t as risky to do so. To figure out what 10% of your health is, just take off the last number of your total health. If you manage to charge a Teleporter while at less than 10% of your health, you unlock the Berzerker’s Pauldron item which increases your movement and attack speed if you quickly kill 3 monsters.

  • Naturopath (“Without healing, reach and complete the 3rd Teleporter event.”)

This seems like a difficult challenge, but it can be done on Drizzle difficulty. One thing to note is that passive healing doesn’t void this achievement as well as shields recharging. Avoid all healing items and if you do pick one up, hope to be able to use a 3D Printer or Scrapper to get rid of it. Also avoid healing drones and REX as both void the achievement as well. If you complete the 3rd Teleporter event without healing, you unlock the Rejuvenation Rack item which increases all your healing by 100%.

  • Never Back Down (“In 4 consecutive stages don’t leave the teleporter radius until it is fully charged.”)

This achievement requires you to be somewhat lucky with the Teleporter spawns for 4 stages in a row, but you should be able to do all the Teleporter events without leaving the radius. The radius is the red circle that spawns, and you’ll know if you left the radius if the Teleporter charge percentage, on the top right of your HUD, starts blinking. I recommend doing this on the first 4 stages as this will obviously be the quickest, but if you loop (refer to Deja Vu?) to the point where you’re one-shotting every monster, you will be able to easily get this achievement as well. If you complete your 4th Teleporter event while never leaving the radius at any time, you unlock the Focused Convergence Lunar item which speeds up the Teleporter charge time, but reduces the radius.


Achievements related to the Monsoon difficulty.

  • Deicide (“Defeat an Elite boss on Monsoon difficulty.”)

Note that this does not mean the Teleporter boss, it can just be any Elite boss that you meet. Normal bosses don’t spawn until later in your run and therefore Elite bosses will be even later in the run. This means that the easiest way to spawn an Elite boss is by using the Shrine of the Mountain and getting lucky with the Teleporter boss. Having the Old Guillotine item works on Elite bosses as well so stacking this item can make killing the boss easier. Once you kill an Elite boss, you will unlock the Brainstalks item which will give your skills no cooldowns when you kill an Elite monster.

  • The Calm (“Beat the game on Monsoon difficulty.”)

This is an extremely difficult achievement, arguably moreso in multiplayer. Refer to Washed Away to know how to beat the game normally. The only tip I can give is to understand the final boss’s full mechanics. Using the Artifact of Command can help but is somewhat of a double-edged sword because of the final boss’s phase 4. If you kill the final boss and reach your ship, you unlock the Purity Lunar item which reduces your skills’ cooldown by 2 seconds but you become unlucky.

Mastery requires beating the game or obliterating on Monsoon difficulty. Every survivor has a separate achievement for doing Mastery and you are rewarded with an alternative skin for the survivor. Refer to Washed Away to know how to beat the game or True Respite to know how to obliterate yourself. Besides the general tips of to keep moving and to use cover, make sure you know the attack patterns of each monster and boss monster as that will help you survive. Otherwise, getting Mastery will take some time and is luck-based. You can make your runs easier by using the Artifact of Command, but it’s not a guarantee.

Commando: Hornet
Huntress: Arctic
MUL-T: Janitor
Engineer: EOD Tech
Artificer: Chrome
Mercenary: Oni
REX: Smoothie
Loader: Classic
Acrid: Albino
Captain: Admiral

The Trials

Achievements related to Artifacts or any alternate game modes.

  • Mercenary: Ethereal (“As Mercenary, complete a Prismatic Trial without falling below 100% health.”)

Note that shields count as health, but barrier doesn’t. This is a difficult achievement as it depends entirely on the Prismatic Trial. There is a YouTuber, named Cabbage, that posts videos of himself doing the Ethereal challenge on different Prismatic Trials so you can use his videos as a reference to help you. Once you complete a Prismatic Trial without losing health, you unlock Mercenary’s Slicing Winds Special skill.

  • Prismatically Aligned (“Complete a Prismatic Trial.”)

Prismatic Trials is a special gamemode found under the Alternate Game Modes button on the main menu. It’s a singleplayer gamemode where players compete for the fastest time. If you don’t care about the leaderboards, you can take your time going through the trial. Once you complete it, you will unlock the Harvester’s Scythe item which heals you when you get critical strikes.


  • Trial of Command: This is a good time to stock up on really good items for your run.
  • Trial of Sacrifice: You can get potentially infinite amount of items if you don’t destroy the Artifact Reliquary.
  • Trial of Kin: You can get unlucky with the single monster as it could be something like Elder Lemurians.
  • Trial of Enigma: You can get Lunar equipment as well, but not the Milky Chrysalis, The Crowdfunder (refer to Funded!), or the Effigy of Grief.
  • Trial of Death: If you’re playing solo, this Artifact won’t affect your gameplay.
  • Trial of Soul: Having explosion items such as Will-o’-the-wisp can make the wisps a moot point.
  • Trial of Evolution: Monsters will only spawn with a single item unless you have the Artifact enabled beforehand.


  • Trial of Honor: Multiple stacks of the Old Guillotine item can make this easier to finish.
  • Trial of Swarms: Focus on staying mobile so you don’t get surrounded by a group of monsters.
  • Trial of Dissonance: The monsters that spawn can be from a different environment, but there will only be a limited amount.
  • Trial of Chaos: Remember that explosions such as those caused by Sticky Bombs can hurt you as well.
  • Trial of Metamorphosis: This will change your survivor upon entering the Hidden Realm, so this can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with your survivor or your items don’t synergize well.
  • Trial of Spite: Bombs will bounce twice before exploding. Be aware that a monster can spawn up to 30 bombs.
  • Trial of Frailty: Loader can’t take fall damage so this Artifact doesn’t affect her, making her a good option to use to complete this.


Trial of Glass: This is by far the hardest Trial to complete so make sure you have good mobility or can kill monsters as soon as they spawn.
Trial of Vengeance: This can be an extremely difficult Trial if you have really good items.

Written by: Drpskr


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