Warframe Boltor Prime Build 2024 Guide

The Boltor Prime is the prime variant of the Boltor with a direct upgrade to the overall performance of the original but still carries with it the standard features of the original.

This weapon fires bolt like projectiles which makes it feel like a cross of an assault rifle and a nail gun which can pin enemies to walls and other surfaces. The Boltor Prime has stats improved far off from the original Boltor and is capable of dealing even more damage over time due to its high status chance.

How To Get Boltor Prime?

The Boltor Prime may be built once its parts have been collected. Players may use relics to obtain its parts which its blueprint is among. Once all of the parts and its blueprint has been acquired, the Boltor Prime may then be built.

Boltor Prime Blueprint

  • Lith B4 Rare
  • Neo B3 Rare

Boltor Prime Barrel

  • Meso M1 Common
  • Meso N6 Common

Boltor Prime Receiver

  • Lith B1 Uncommon
  • Neo R1 Uncommon

Boltor Prime Stock

  • Axi R1 Common
  • Axi S3 Common

Boltor Prime Crafting Requirements

  • 15,000 x Credits
  • Boltor Prime Blueprint
  • Boltor Prime Barrel
  • Boltor Prime Receiver
  • Boltor Prime Stock
  • 10x Orokin Cells

Boltor Prime Stats

The Boltor Prime is a Tenno assault rifle with a slightly different style to its loaded ammunition. The weapon shoots out small metallic bolts that can impale fallen enemies to walls and carry with it high puncture damage and status chance.

Critical Chance12.0%
Critical Multiplier2.0x
Fire Rate10.0

Boltor Prime Builds

1) Heat Element Build

Taking advantage of the Boltor Prime with this build that uses cheap mods and concentrates your damage on heat which provides an effective way to use this weapon. Aside from dealing damage to the enemies you target, you can also set them aflame to deal both damage on impact of your projectiles as well as damage over time as they burn.

Using the heat element specifically with the Boltor Prime can complement its dominant physical damage which is puncture that bypasses 50% of the armor defence of your enemies. It also lowers the armor at the same time by 50% due to the heat damage. This build can deal maximum damage to your enemies while also having an additional heat proc for additional DPS.

2) Punch Through Build

Improving the punch through of the Boltor Prime lets its projectile go through enemies or even some doors and walls. This build provides an improvement on its effectiveness while inflicting multiple enemies with status effects with the help of its high status chance.

Primed Shred and Metal Auger will provide a massive boost to punch through while also increasing fire rate. Multishot is also a great benefit to this build as it allows the Boltor Prime to shoot out 2 to 3 projectiles towards your enemies which will not only deal damage but it may also inflict status effects for each projectile that hits.

3) Critical Build

The Boltor Prime is viable for a critical build with its high puncture damage that can deal damage effectively, even against standard and heavily armored units. This build uses several mods that increase the critical capabilities of the Boltor Prime which make up for the initial low stats it has.

Taking Advantage of the build’s increased critical chance makes it effective to add Hunter Munitions to this build, completing the 3 physical damage types to use against any enemy faction you will be facing in your missions.

4) Corrosive & Heat Build

This build is great for stripping armor off your enemies to inflict maximum damage. With corrosive damage the Boltor Prime’s projectiles can reduce enemy armor by 20% and an additional 6% per stack in addition removing a static 50% due to heat damage.  Since the Boltor Prime has innate puncture damage it deals a moderate amount of extra damage towards armored enemies.

This build is the closest way to dealing true damage that is unaffected by armor while using a primary weapon. With the high status chance of the Boltor Prime, it would be easy for you to strip off enemy armor while dealing extra damage to those armored units at the same time.

5) Max Status Chance

Going above 100% status chance gives each projectile of the Boltor Prime a sure chance of inflicting multiple status effects with every hit. This is a great advantage of the weapon when using it in combination with certain mods that require a status proc to take effect like Growing Power or Condition Overload.

Using 60/60 mods along with Hammer Shot  provides a great way to set up your elemental effects on the Boltor Prime while maximizing your status chance, leaving room for damage improving mods such as Serration and Split Chamber.

Riven Mods

Core Riven Stats

A good Riven stat for the Boltor Prime would be more status chance and multishot, making the weapon more of an automatic shotgun rather than a standard assault rifle. Critical chance and damage are more reserved for the syndicate version of the Boltor, the Telos Boltor which has higher critical stats and lowered status chance which is the opposite of the Boltor Prime.

Top Tier

These are the best possible stats for the Boltor Prime Riven in order of priority.

  • Multishot
  • Elemental/Damage
  • Status Chance
  • Harmless Negative

High Tier

These are the highest possible stats that the Boltor Prime Riven will have.

  • Multishot
  • Elemental Damage
  • Harmless negative

Acceptable Negative Stats

  • Negative Slash works perfectly with the weapon since the Boltor Prime doesn’t have slash damage to begin with making this negative null and as a side note Hunter Munitions is unaffected by this also.
  • Negative faction is also a great negative to see for the Boltor Prime Riven since it doesn’t affect the weapon much when it comes to overall effectiveness since elemental damage will naturally improve the damage if the weapon is correctly modded against that faction.
  • Negative Reload is a manageable negative for the Boltor Prime but may affect DPS for some builds.

Bad Negative Stats

  • Negative Flight Speed will affect the flight of the projectile slowing it down and making it more susceptible to the negative effects of the Heavy Caliber mod.
  • Negative fire rate is ok but still would affect the overall DPS of the weapon since inflicting status effects quickly is the most effective way of using the Boltor Prime.
  • Negative Magazine size is going to reduce the already small magazine cap of the Boltor Prime.

Useless Positive stats

  • Positive Slash is bad since they will do nothing for the weapon wasting a stat block in the riven.
  • Positive Flight Speed even though the weapon can be affected with negative flight speed, positive flight speed on the other hand will almost do nothing for the Boltor Prime since it does not have a fall off point.
  • Negative Recoil is ok for some weapons but for the Boltor Prime it’s not really needed since the weapon has a low magazine count making its recoil more than manageable by just getting used to the weapon itself.

Final Thoughts

The Boltor Prime is a great improvement in one direction from the original that focuses more on status chance. Able to inflict multiple instances of status effects on enemies, making whatever defenses they have useless while pumping them full of status effects and just waiting for them to die.

With a couple of unique things to the Boltor series, the Boltor Prime retains its ability to impale fallen enemies to walls that is quite unique to the Boltor weapons compared to standard bows and crossbows ingame.


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