Medieval Dynasty: Finding Rock, Straw & St.John’s Wort

Tips for finding basic resources like rock, straw & St.John’s wort in Medieval Dynasty

Finding Rock

When you walk, listen to the sound of your foot.

Suddenly, in the middle of boring “grass” sound, you will heard an unusual sound like someone walking on a gravel.

You’ve just find rock !

If you heard this sound, look around you. You will see little rock on the ground.

Pick them up all !

Finding straw

Go to the main river. Behind the first village there is big reed on the border of the river.

Look at the foot of the reeds. There is a little plant, green, like a salad.

It’s what you are looking for !

This little salad can be harvested and give straw when collected.

St.John’s wort

St.John’s Wort is a plant with yellow flower. Who like to be solitary in the wild.

This plant seem to not like forest.

Written by: Telu


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