Simple Tips and Tricks for Hades

This guide may contain spoilers. For beginners, intermediate level players.

I assume you know almost all the basics.


Go to settings and turn on God Mode immediately. Trust me, I have 115 hours of playing.

This is not cheating. This makes the game much easier so you can improve your skill.
When you have all the skill you need, turn off God Mode.

  • Tip 1: Always on the move. Don’t dash like crazy. You will feel exhausted if you dash too much. You may get hit by enemies if you dash right into them. You may step on traps if you dash to the wrong place. Only dash when you need.
  • Tip 2: Don’t attack. Counter-attack. You run around the enemies, observe how they attack. When they miss you, they will stop for a short moment. That’s when you counter attack them. If you try to attack enemies first, you may get hit and lose a lot of HP.
  • Tip 3: Run/dash in only one direction clockwise to avoid getting hit (or counter clockwise).
  • Tip 4: Practicing accuracy. Don’t strive for speed. Strive for accuracy instead. Hit the enemies at the right place and the right time. Use traps to your advantage.
  • Tip 5: Want to make the game easier? (not God Mode) Get boons from Athena, Aphrodite, Demeter, Hermes or Dionysus’s Positive Outlook. Typically boons that improve your defense or make enemies weaker. They help you to survive longer.

Intermediate level players

Boss 1 – Use the tips for beginner section

Boss 2 – same as boss 1

Boss 3 – the bull – When he’s about to chop you with his axe, dash to avoid him. For example, if he comes from 6 o’clock direction, try to dash to 3 o’clock direction. 2, 4, 8, 9, 10 o’clock direction also work. Don’t dash right into him or the opposite direction to avoid losing HP. Only take risk if you have Athena Dash and good skill.

Boss 3 – the hero – You don’t need piercing hammer upgrade or the Adamant Rail to beat him. Every time he throw his spear at you, he’ll move away. Attack him from behind at this time. Then run away and repeat.

To kill him quickly, equip Thanatos’ before you start your run. Attack him until he has half of his HP. That’s the time he call god for help. Summon will kill him quickly.

How to get bonus damage?

Equip Pierced Butterfly at the beginning of you run. Use long range weapon to attack enemies while avoiding losing you HP.

They are spear throw, shield throw, the bow attack, the gun special.

If you use twin fist, use aspect of Talos. If you use the sword, make use of Dash-Strike and run. Try to keep distance to your enemies.

How to get 900 damage?

Use high confidence at the Mirror of Night. Use the Adamant Rail, get Cluster Bomb, Rocket Bomb, Artemis special buff (critical damage). Counter attack (see the beginners section above). Then dash to behind the enemies. Stand close to him and use special. This build kill everything easily, including Hades!

How to get Sisyphus companion (legendary keepsakes)?

Keep gifting Nectar to Nyx. Keep talking to Megaera and Hades. When Nyx says about it and Admin Chamber, go to it and find the contract. Start a run. When you return, purchase the Knave-King’s Sentence at the house contractor. The next time you meet Sisyphus, give him an Ambrosia.

How to reunite Orpheus and Eurydice?

Keep gifting Nectar to Nyx, Orpheus and Eurydice. When Nyx says about it and Admin Chamber, go to it and find the contract. Start a run. When you return, purchase the amnesty at the house contractor. The next time you meet Eurydice, you’ll see ‘prophecy fulfilled’.

How to get a lot of Titan Blood, Ambrosia, Diamond easily?

Keep upgrading Companion Shady (Sisyphus), use it as much as you can to collect bonus Charon Obol. With some luck, you may save up to 1500 Obol. Purchase Titan Blood or Diamond at To get an Ambrosia, buy it for the cost of 2 diamonds.

The second way is checking for special offer every time you return to the House of Hades.

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